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Documents and additional resources to help you understand everything DebtBook has to offer.

Project Costs: What They Are & How They're Relevant to GASB-96

6 Helpful Resources for Finance Teams Preparing to Implement GASB-96

[FREE DOWNLOAD] GASB-96 Implementation Roadmap

GASB-91 & Conduit Debt Obligations Explained

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Subscription Management Vendor Evaluation Checklist

Don’t Wait to Implement GASB-96: Why Early Adopters Will Come Out Ahead

[FREE DOWNLOAD] GASB-96 Subscription Decision Tree

Building an Action Plan for GASB-96 Compliance

DebtBook’s Guide to the Incremental Borrowing Rate

DebtBook's Premium/Discount Amortization Methodology Explained

Planning and Preparing for GASB-96

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Myths of Using Spreadsheets for Lease Accounting

Myths & Risks of Using Spreadsheets for Lease Accounting

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Leveraging Debt and Lease Management Software to Make Data-Driven Decisions

The Importance of Protecting Your Finance Data from Cyber Attacks

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Lease Management Software

[FREE DOWNLOAD] How to Overcome Today's Biggest Challenges in Accounting

Four Tips for Creating Better Financial Statements

The 4 Biggest Challenges Facing Accountants Today and How Technology Can Help

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Infographic: Top 3 Priorities for Finance Professionals in 2022

How Technology Can Disrupt & Transform Common Finance Tasks

The Effects of Limited Data Visibility on Accurate Financial Reporting

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Best Practice Guide: How to Successfully Transition to GASB-87: Before, During, & After

3 Things Finance Professionals Should Prioritize in 2022

The Great Resignation: Embracing Technology to Attract and Retain Young Finance Talent

How to Select a Debt and Lease Management Software Vendor

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Best Practice Guide: How to Boost Financial Transparency

5 Must Read Resources for Finance Teams Who Want to Go Digital and Implement GASB-87 in 2022

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Infographic: 5 Reasons Your Organization Needs Lease Management Software

Webinar Recap: Planning and Preparing for GASB-87

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Checklist: Is Your Organization Ready to Implement GASB-87?

Factors to Consider When Evaluating a Debt and Lease Management Software Solution

How Organizations Can Embrace Technology to Digitally Transform their Finance Operations

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Checklist: Evaluating a Lease Management Software Vendor

Don’t Wait to Implement GASB-87: Why Early Adopters Will Come Out Ahead | DebtBook

10 Ways Debt Management Software Boosts Efficiency, Accuracy, & Collaboration

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Checklist: Demo Evaluation Checklist for Debt & Lease Management Software

How To Evaluate And Choose Lease Management Software

5 Tips to Prepare Financial Reports Faster

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Infographic: How To Be Compliant with GASB-87: 6 Key Steps

Nine Steps To Prepare For New Lease Accounting Standard

How Leveraging Technology Can Showcase Prudent Debt Management and Potentially Increase Your Bond Rating

Implementing GASB-87: Types of Leases

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Checklist: 10 Signs Your Organization Needs Debt Management Software

How to Ensure Your Finance Team is Audit-Ready

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Worksheet: Does Your Contract Have an Embedded Lease?

Benefits of Leveraging Both an ERP and Debt & Lease Management Software

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Infographic: GASB-87 Lease Decision Tree

Leveraging Technology to Prepare for the Future and Support Succession Planning for Finance Teams

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Checklist: Switching from Spreadsheets to Software

Understanding Non-Lease Components

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Checklist: Building a Business Case for Debt and Lease Management Software

5 Ways DebtBook Makes Life Easier for Professionals Serving Municipal Clients

Building the Business Case for Debt and Lease Management Software

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Incremental Borrowing Rate Template

4 Considerations for GASB-87 Implementation

[FREE DOWNLOAD] GASB-87 Implementation Roadmap

Debt Security 101: Definitions, Overviews, & Examples

Arbitrage: 6 Insights Tax-Exempt Issuers Should Know

4 Ways Debt and Lease Management Software Can Improve Decision-Making

The Ten Commandments of Continuing Disclosure

Calculating Separate Incremental Borrowing Rates for Different Classes of Leased Assets

GASB-87 Changes for Lessees vs. Lessors | DebtBook

3 Ways Technology Can Streamline Debt Management Processes

What is Lease Management Software?

Get to Know Arbitrage Rebates and Yield Restrictions

Building an Action Plan for GASB-87 Compliance

Municipal Debt in North Carolina | DebtBook

What is Debt Management Software?

What Is an Embedded Lease? | DebtBook

How Kevin Yokim, Three Council Members, and a Little Extra Time Saved Florence County $12 million

Planning and Preparing for GASB-87

GFOA End the Acronym Initiative

CTA Illustration Grouped

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