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DebtBook's Accomplishments for Happy Customers

Read all about what our happy customers have accomplished using the power of DebtBook.

Goodyear, AZ Discovers a Single Source of Truth with DebtBook

The City of Goodyear found a better way to manage its debt obligations and simplify the implementation of the GASB 87 and 96 accounting standards.

Annapolis, MD Streamlines Finance & Accounting Processes With DebtBook

With DebtBook, a centralized debt and lease management platform, the City of Annapolis' accounting processes are streamlined, enabling them to do more with limited resources.

Berlin, CT's Easy Debt & Lease Software Implementation with DebtBook

The Town’s quest for a consolidated debt and lease management software with a simple onboarding process led the finance team to DebtBook, a solution that Kevin Delaney, Director of Finance, describes as “clear and easy-to-use.”

Vista, CA, Improves Efficiency in Financial Data with DebtBook

The City of Vista wanted to standardize and automate their debt reporting to reduce human error and increase trust in their data. Then DebtBook entered the scene.

Brighton, NY, Modernizes Their Debt Management Processes with DebtBook

Hard copy documentation is hard to share across an organization. For the Town of Brighton, NY, bond documents were stored in a physical binder, but then the finance team onboarded with DebtBook. Here’s a look at how the software brought the town into the digital age.

McHenry County, IL, Simplifies Debt Schedules & Financial Statements

Collecting information from multiple parties is time-consuming. That’s what McHenry County had to do whenever it needed to prepare financial reports or for an audit. Then the county’s CFO found DebtBook and the rest was history.

During a Malware Incident, Durham Finds Peace of Mind with DebtBook

For years, the City of Durham used debt management software best described as “archaic" until a malware incident made replacing it a top priority.

A 'Game Changer’ for the City of Memphis

The Debt Management team with the City of Memphis does important and impactful work, securing the funds for major projects across the City. Recently, that work included funding for a
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