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Employee Spotlight: Itzel Guajardo, Customer Enablement Manager

Itzel Guajardo joined DebtBook in 2021 as an Implementation Associate in the Customer Success department. Following two promotions, the Texas native now serves as a Customer Enablement Manager. In her current role, Itzel combines her past experiences of working in education and at a Big Four accounting firm to lead the learning and training programs that help educate customers and increase adoption of DebtBook’s software. Outside of work, the former Women’s National Mexican team player enjoys playing pickup soccer games and training her dog, Charlie. 

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Q: Tell us about your role here at DebtBook. 

A: I started at DebtBook in 2021 as an Implementation Associate. When I joined DebtBook, there were only four of us on the lease implementation team. It was definitely a fast-paced environment, which allowed me to grow very quickly within my role. I was promoted to Senior Associate within six months and a year later, I was promoted to Customer Enablement Manager. My first major project in my new role was to create a Learning Management System that our customers and client success team could use during and after the implementation process. That is how DebtBook University came to be! I absolutely loved working on this project which allowed me to be creative and use the teaching skills I have gained throughout my professional career.


Q: What do you enjoy about working at DebtBook?

A: DebtBook provides me with the opportunity to challenge myself constantly, which has allowed me to grow professionally and personally. I also love the people I work with! They have become close friends and I love that we know how to work hard, but also have a great time.


Q: Tell us what you enjoy doing outside of work!

A: Outside of work, I enjoy going to church on Sundays and doing bible study with some of my family and friends. I also enjoy going to the gym and trying new foods in Minnesota with my husband. We have a dog named Charlie, and I love to train and spend time with him during our daily walks and play sessions.


Q: What did you want to be when you grew up? 

A: When I was younger, I wanted to be a professional soccer player. I started playing when I was eight years old and throughout my soccer career, I played club soccer, high school soccer, and even went to play for the Women’s National Mexican team. My soccer career unfortunately ended at the University of Houston when I tore my ACL, LCL, and MCL. Although I don’t play for the big leagues anymore, I try to play a few pickup games every once in a while. 


Q: What’s your favorite thing about being a Customer Enablement Manager? 

A: My favorite part of being a Customer Enablement Manager is the fact that I get to collaborate with multiple departments within the company as well as be creative within my role. I can create items that are helpful not only for our internal team but also for our customers. I enjoy being able to help others and grow professionally at the same time. 


Q: Is there a book, podcast, or other learning tool you recommend to other professionals? 

A: When I was on the implementation team, I read the book “The Seven Pillars of Customer Success” by Wayne McCulloch. This book really helped me better understand my role and allowed me to bring some new ideas to the table at DebtBook.

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