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Employee Spotlight: Hans Lustre

Hans Lustre joined DebtBook in March of 2022 as the very first Support Associate. He attended UNC Charlotte, majoring in Mathematics for Business. Hans’ mathematics background has come in handy as he helps clients with their debt, lease, and subscription management questions. This often entails tying out beginning balance calculations, locating any discrepancies to match our clients' internal schedules, and verifying/showcasing that the application is producing the intended results. After a year at DebtBook, Hans was promoted to Senior Support Associate. Outside of work, he loves to enjoy seafood and lake trips with his friends and family. 

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Continue reading for a Q&A with our Senior Support Associate!


Q: Tell us about your role here at DebtBook. 

A: In my role, I get to interact with our customers regarding all sides of the application. This is done mostly through our chat functionality, but we also communicate via email for our customers that are not currently logged in. I help with any questions that our customers might have about the DebtBook application – whether that be updating their debt issuance schedules, answering questions as they enter a new lease for the first time, and helping them understand which fields to input subscription details in so that everything displays accurately in the app. These are just a few of the topics that we review here in Support. My team and I are here to ensure that all of our customers are able to fully understand and obtain the needed support to get the most use out of our software!


Q: What do you enjoy about working at DebtBook?

A: The best part about working at DebtBook is all the relationships that you get to build and maintain each day. Since we are a relatively young company, I get to fully interact with all of the other departments at DebtBook. This allows for easy collaboration with my coworkers both professionally and personally since they are only a short walk away! 


Q: Tell us what you enjoy doing outside of work!

A: I am a hugeee movie buff! I enjoy watching all the new movies that come out in the theater. If it looks like a good movie, I will most likely be at the theater on opening weekend to see it. This year has been especially kind to me with all the new blockbuster movies coming out. In those movies, I pay for the whole seat but I only end up using the edge of it. My two favorite movies so far this year would have to be Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and Oppenheimer – both drastically different from each other, but amazing in their own respective ways.


Q: What did you want to be when you grew up? 

A: When I was younger, I really wanted to be a professional gamer. It was a ton of fun and it gave me a way to connect with a lot of my friends and family, so being able to play video games as a job sounded like a great time to me. Even though I am much more of a casual player now, I like to reminisce on those simpler times. 


Q: What’s your favorite thing about being a Senior Support Associate? 

A: My favorite thing about being a Senior Associate is having the ability to support my team more. Within this role, I am able to better assist my supervisor with other departments, projects, and internal processes. Additionally, I am able to serve as  a resource to my fellow Support team members when they might have questions. 


Q: Is there a book, podcast, or other learning tool you recommend to Customer Success professionals? 

A: I recommend reading “The Heart of Leadership” by Mark Miller. This book goes deeper into grasping what makes a great leader and how you can achieve that in your own life. Knowing how to cultivate a serving heart, and being able to apply that in my career, has provided me with opportunities I never thought I could previously obtain.

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