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How DebtBook Makes Life Easier When Serving Municipal Clients

As a trusted advisor, accountant, or attorney serving municipal clients, your clients rely on your expertise, experience, and insight to bring clarity to their financial picture and build confidence in their capital plans. But what if your clients could leverage technology to improve their financial reporting and simplify their compliance burdens, all while making it easier and quicker for your team to give the valuable advice and service your clients have come to expect?

Debt and lease management software can significantly improve your clients’ day-to-day financial operations, reducing the time they spend managing their debt and lease portfolios, improving data transparency and analysis, and making it easier to collaborate internally across multiple departments.

You want the best for your client, and so does DebtBook. DebtBook is easy-to-use, cloud-based debt and lease management software designed specifically for governments and nonprofits.

DebtBook simplifies and improves your clients’ debt and lease management efforts by:

  • Organizing their debt and lease data, schedules, and source documentation in one secure, easily accessible location

  • Making it simple to track, allocate, and update their debt and lease payment obligations across multiple credit types, funds, purposes, and projects

  • Automating journal entries and year-end audit notes and schedules

  • Reducing the time, burden, and expense of complying with their new and evolving reporting and accounting requirements like GASB-87 and GASB-96

  • Monitoring other important debt and lease milestones, including call and renewal dates, reporting and disclosure obligations, and arbitrage and rebate requirements

It’s clear how your clients could benefit from better debt and lease management tools, but how would DebtBook make life easier for you and your team?

Benefit #1: Faster Problem Solving

When your clients use DebtBook, you’ll have all the data and information you need right at your fingertips.  DebtBook provides a centralized repository for all your client’s debt and lease schedules and contracts, giving you and your client 24/7 access to up-to-date payment projections and the underlying documentation you need to verify your analysis and advice. No more back and forth with your clients to find the exact data you need — it’s all waiting for you at the click of a mouse. That means less time tracking down and verifying data and more time working with your clients to find strategic and creative solutions to the challenges they face.   

Benefit #2: Reduced Opportunity for Errors

DebtBook’s turnkey implementation process and your client’s ongoing use of the DebtBook platform ensures your team is always working off accurate, up-to-date information. Led by an implementation team with years of public finance investment banking and accounting experience, DebtBook’s onboarding process is designed to ensure all your client’s debt and lease schedules tie out to the penny, giving you confidence that your client’s information is correct from the start. Once launched, you and your client can use DebtBook’s powerful tools to roll forward or recast your client’s debt and lease schedules programmatically, eliminating opportunities for mistakes. Want to see schedules on an annual basis instead of fiscal? No problem. Want to see how much debt payable from a particular fund is outstanding when the board meets next month? Easy. Want to verify calculations used for an additional bonds test or covenant calculation? Just a few clicks away. As your client uses DebtBook’s payment reporting functionality, your client’s data is scrubbed and updated in real time, so your team always knows about prepayments or other unscheduled changes to their portfolio. Apart from the data itself, DebtBook provides your clients with a process and framework to ensure new debt and lease obligations are identified and reported on an ongoing basis, eliminating the risk that your analysis and advice captures only part of the story. What does this mean for you? Fewer mistakes and those dreaded client conversations to explain what happened.

Benefit #3: Improved Collaboration

DebtBook makes it easy to collaborate effectively and efficiently across multiple internal and external teams and users. Miscommunication and mistakes are easy when everyone is working off their own spreadsheets, data sets, and underlying documents. Even identifying mistakes in those situations can be difficult, which can lead to missed opportunities or embarrassing, costly decisions based on bad information. When you’re lucky enough to find the mistakes, cleaning up the mess often results in delays, frustration, and higher costs for your clients. With DebtBook’s cloud-based software, your client can grant your entire team anytime, anywhere access to the data they need to do their jobs well, putting the entire working group on the same page, seamlessly and effortlessly.

Benefit #4: Increased Reporting Efficiency

How much time does your team spend pulling, updating, and verifying client data to generate the same charts and reports over and over? DebtBook’s unique user interface makes creating charts and tables incredibly easy and allows users to save their favorite charts for each client in a personalized dashboard. Each time you visit your dashboard, the chart is updated to reflect the latest data, meaning your team never has to recreate the same chart again. Want to take one more look at the data to make sure it’s right? No problem—simply click into the chart to go straight to the underlying data to ensure it captures everything you need. When you’re ready, download the chart and drop it directly into your report, all with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Benefit #5: Better Value and Deeper Client Relationships

DebtBook does more than reduce the time you spend accessing and verifying data and cutting down on needless mistakes. DebtBook also gives your team the opportunity to leverage its improved efficiency and visibility into the client’s data to go deeper with your analysis, generate more creative solutions, and spend more time listening to your clients’ needs. Better data, cleaner analysis, more value, and deeper client relationships—all at no additional cost to you or your client!


When your clients use DebtBook, your team can deliver the same great service in less time with fewer opportunities for mistakes, all at no cost to your firm. DebtBook’s powerful, cloud-based platform gives your team the ability to review and extract accurate, actionable data anytime and from anywhere. DebtBook continuously and automatically updates outstanding balances and payment schedules, reducing both errors and the resources your team spends monitoring, maintaining, and forecasting debt portfolios. DebtBook flags debt obligations with unique features like reserve funds, subsidies, or credit enhancements and gives you instant access to each obligation’s underlying documents, decreasing the time it takes to verify (and the chances you might overlook) information critical to your analysis and advice. DebtBook also makes it easy to generate and download charts and export data, providing an elegant, efficient tool for updating presentations, preparing reports, and manipulating schedules.

Why trust DebtBook

DebtBook was developed by finance and accounting professionals who were tired of the status quo. Our team has witnessed firsthand the lack of easy-to-use software that would surely make a difference for finance teams. That's why we’ve built powerful, elegant, and intuitive consolidated debt and lease management software for finance teams in local government, higher education, and healthcare.

Next steps

At DebtBook, we share your goal of putting your clients first, so we want to make it as easy as possible to partner with us. If you are interested in learning more about DebtBook and how you can gain access to the tools and resources outlined in this article, please don’t hesitate to contact us at



Disclaimer: DebtBook does not provide professional services or advice. DebtBook has prepared these materials for general informational and educational purposes, which means we have not tailored the information to your specific circumstances. Please consult your professional advisors before taking action based on any information in these materials. Any use of this information is solely at your own risk.

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