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Cash Management

Unlock Strategic Cash Management

Comprehensive cash flow visibility so you can reach informed cash decisions, faster.

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Over 2,100 public finance professionals are using DebtBook to modernize how they work

Discover DebtBook’s Bank Fee Analysis

DebtBook’s Bank Fee Analysis feature allows treasury teams to better understand the fees they are being charged, identify any discrepancies, and ensure balances are being held efficiently to offset fees without excess balances earning zero interest.

The result? During preliminary testing, we helped identify millions of dollars of idle cash that, when invested, could be earning between $200K to $2M on average in interest revenue on an annual basis.

(The on average $200K-$2M per annum calculation is based upon average excess balances identified in operating accounts that could be invested through a daily liquid money market fund returning 5% APY.)

$200K to $2M

Per annum benefit identified

How you can use Bank Fee Analysis:

Make the most of your earnings credit rate
Leverage our in-app calculator to determine the minimum account balance needed to offset fees based on your earnings credit rate, so you can shift excess balance to a higher yielding account.
See where you’ve been overcharged
Upload statements directly from one of our supported financial institutions to see a detailed breakdown of each line item, with discrepancies between charged and contracted prices highlighted.
Catch fraudulent transactions
Easily see where transactions deviate from their account purpose, such as a check disbursement in a receivables only account, and pass to your team to investigate.

Watch: Bank Fee Analysis Feature Flash

See, in two minutes, how we’re helping organizations identify idle cash with zero earnings and excess fees in their bank statements.

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Transform how you manage debt

As the only cloud-based solution built specifically for public finance managers, DebtBook lets you consolidate all of your debt in an easy-to-use platform and access powerful tools for financial reporting, payment processing, and collaboration.

  • Gain confidence in your data via our single-source data platform

  • Automate reporting tasks to cut them down from weeks to minutes

  • Track processes in a resilient system of record that doesn’t break when an employee leaves

  • Ensure compliance with continuing disclosure requirements and more

  • Share access with your team – or your auditor – via unlimited seats

  • Get started quickly with buzz-worthy implementation and support
Transform-manage-debt-cropped Transform-manage-debt-cropped

Cash management, modernized

Our purpose-built platform is designed to streamline cash management processes significantly, empowering your team with data confidence and time back to focus on strategic initiatives.

With DebtBook, you can...

  • Access real-time data visibility
  • Reach cash decisions faster
  • Maximize value contribution
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Discover True Data Integrity

Centralize and unify organization data across teams to bring greater confidence and visibility into one of your most important assets, your data.

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The trusted treasury and accounting software provider for clients nationwide

Enabling strategic treasury for today’s teams

DebtBook's Cash Management application is purpose-built for government and nonprofit treasury teams, providing comprehensive tools to power the efficient management of cash flow and liquidity.

By leveraging DebtBook, your team will be able to easily identify daily collections and disbursements, forecast more quickly and accurately, perform streamlined bank fee analysis, and flag fraudulent or unexpected transactions, unlocking time and resources to focus on strategic treasury initiatives.

Automated audit notes

How hard will the software be to use?

We know, no matter how powerful our system is, it won’t be of any benefit to you if it’s too difficult to use. So we offer:

  • A user-friendly design that balances simplicity and depth
  • DebtBook University, a robust library of dozens of training courses, updated quarterly
  • A platform, according to McHenry County, IL that’s “really intuitive” and “easy for anybody to understand.”

For the City of Vista, this ease of use pays dividends come audit time:

“With a system as easy to use as DebtBook, I can feel confident giving my auditors access, knowing they will get the information they need without needing my assistance or waiting on a response from me. This saves me, and our auditors, a ton of time during audit season.”

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Intuitive software and accessible support

We know, no matter how powerful our system is, it won’t be of any benefit to you if it’s too difficult to use. So we offer:

  • A user-friendly design that balances simplicity and depth
  • DebtBook University, a robust library of dozens of training courses, updated quarterly
  • Streamlined implementation and accessible ongoing support
Difficulty-rounded Difficulty-rounded

Committed to an exceptional implementation experience

Because we know the last thing you need is an arduous implementation process, our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and outstanding experience across all of DebtBook's products.

And we have the testimonials to prove it:

Great Support Team, efficient communications, excellent software

Gloria Huang

Budget & Financial Analyst, Natick, MA

The DebtBook implementation experience... has exceeded my expectations

Kevin Delaney

Director of Finance, Town of Berlin, CT

Some of the best customer service and responsiveness I've seen in a very long time.

Marie Friedman

CFO, Burlington, VT

Why should I partner with DebtBook?

At DebtBook, we've worked hard to establish ourselves as the industry leader in government and non-profit treasury management by delivering world-class solutions that have changed the way teams work.

Our debt management software has revolutionized treasury operations, and we've extended this expertise to our Cash Management solution.

We believe we stand apart from the competition and are committed to being a trusted partner to you with staying power.

  • The only cloud-based platform designed specifically for government and nonprofit teams
  • Over 2,100 customers
  • 140+ employees
  • SOC 2 compliance (type 1 and 2) and single sign-on functionality
  • Built by public finance professionals
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