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Release Notes

January 25, 2023

Duplicate a Lease

We have added the ability for users to easily duplicate an existing lease and all of its components. This feature significantly improves usability and saves time for users when attempting to create multiple leases with similar input details.

Debt Improvements and Fixes
  • Added the option for users to begin amortizing their Premium/Discount on the First of the Month of the Dated Date of a bonds issue when utilizing the Straight-Line methodology
  • Fixed issue where “Summary by” schedules were taking longer than usual to load for some profiles
  • Fixed issue where an empty bucket was displaying in split schedule views even when there is no par left outstanding
  • Removed the remaining accounting data from all Capital Appreciation Bonds (CABs) until we fully support CABs
  • Fixed a problem with data exports from Profile Summary views that were including all Issues rather than only the selected Issues
  • Fixed issue where the Maturity Detail export was rounding values incorrectly Fixed issue where the Dashboard was taking longer than usual to load the Payments table
  • Fixed issue where Bucket View pages were taking longer than usual to load the Total bucket
Leases Improvements and Fixes
  • Updated the Bucket View Schedules and Individual Lease Export to include the Termination Date for leases that have been terminated
  • Fixed issue where the Accrued Interest and Interest Expense Balance columns within all lease schedules were being calculated incorrectly
  • Fixed issue where Manually Overridden GL Codes were not populating within Individual Lease exports, Lease Schedule exports and Comprehensive JE exports

January 18, 2023

Ability to Favorite ‘Views’

We’ve added the ability for users to favorite ‘Views’ which can be a grouping of otherwise unrelated Issues or Summarized datasets. This feature improves ease of use and provides shortcuts for user navigation.

Debt Improvements and Fixes
  • Added the original Net Premium/Discount to the Issue Detail Overview space for each Issue
  • Updated “Filter by” functionality in Profile Summary view to only contain those values that are displayed in selected view
  • Updated calculation of 30/360 accrued interest and interest expense for issues dated on the 29th, 30th or 31st of a month
  • Fixed issue impacting certain data exports where Unamortized Premiums/Discounts were previously not rounded to the nearest penny 
  • Fixed issue where opening the Mark as Unverified modal in Payment Reporting Settings was not hiding the ‘Reset All Previously Processed payments to Unverified’ button
Leases Improvements and Fixes
  • Added journal entries to Modified Accrual reconciliation entries for leases that were previously presented as capital leases prior to GASB implementation. Additionally, fixed issue where Full Accrual entries for leases previously presented as capital leases were showing incorrect debits/credits.
  • Added a validation to the Create/Edit Lease form requiring the Lease Termination Date to be after the latest Allocation Change Date
  • Updated ‘Date of Second Variable Payment Fixed in Substance’, ‘Date of Second Variable Payment Fixed on an Index’, and ‘Date of Second Variable Payment Based on a Rate’ to default to ‘Second Payment Date’ from Basic Lease Information within the Create/Edit Lease form. Also updated ‘First Other Payment Date’ and ‘Second Other Payment Date’ to default to Payment Dates from Basic Lease Information within the Create/Edit Lease form.
  • Fixed issue where the Comprehensive Journal Entries export was generating lease asset entries after the specified Lease End Date
  • Fixed issue where Deferred Inflow of Resources for Lessor ‘Lease’ type leases was amortized over the Asset Life rather than Total Lease Term
  • Fixed issue where Regulated Lease Audit Notes Actuals Minimum Receipts Paragraph value showed understated balance when Payment Reporting Payments were marked as paid after Scheduled FYE payment date
  • Fixed issue where calculations for ‘Beginning of Restatement Period’ and ‘GASB 87 Implementation Date’ were defaulting to 1 year later than the intended date
  • Fixed issue where leases with no payment activity within the first year of the lease term were not populating within Audit Notes for the related fiscal year

January 11, 2023

“Summarize By” Schedule View

This feature gives users the ability to isolate or filter debt service schedules by multiple dimensions. Selecting the “Summarize by” icon allows users to further define the bucket view. For example, the user can Summarize one Purpose by Funds or Summarize one Fund by Purposes.

Global Improvements and Fixes
  • Fixed issue where certain dropdowns throughout the app were not loading more than 10 options
Debt Improvements and Fixes
  • Added an option for users to save edits to payment amounts in payment allocation tables
  • Updated the Payment Reporting page to default to the Organization’s selected Default Profile instead of ‘All’ Profiles
  • Updated sorting in the Maturity Detail tab and exports to always group together sinkers and term bonds
  • Added the profile-level accrued interest basis to the modal users see when editing Accounting Settings for a single Issue
  • Fixed issue within Audit Notes where the “Created On” date of saved Notes was defaulting to the current date instead of the actual date that the Note was created
  • Fixed issue within Payment Reporting where ‘Other’ payments in the Allocation table were only showing the whole dollar amount without the cents
  • Fixed issue within Issues tab where sorting by Original Par Amount and Outstanding Par Amount was not working properly
  • Fixed issue where total Unamortized Bond Premium/Discount amounts were listed for dates prior to the Issue Dated Date
Leases Improvements and Fixes
  • Fixed issue within General Ledger Settings where attempting to add a new account without selecting an Account Name was resulting in an incomplete error message
  • Fixed issue where termination journal entry was populating for Non-Lease types
  • Fixed issue where Audit Notes Principal and Interest to Maturity Chart was showing only four individual subsequent fiscal years instead of five before the aggregated years

December 21, 2022

Debt Improvements and Fixes
  • Fixed issue where Excel chart downloads on the Debt side of the application were not including data labels in some cases
  • Fixed issue where Series names that ended with a closing parenthesis were displaying incorrectly
  • Removed duplicate options that sometimes appeared in Payment Reporting filters
  • Fixed issue in Payment Reporting where variance amounts were not populating in PDF exports
  • Fixed issue impacting bucket view schedules where the Total bucket was displaying an incorrect amount for accrued interest balance, interest expense balance, amortized and unamortized premium/(discount)
  • Fixed issue impacting the Profile Summary by Type exports where the total original par amount was populating incorrectly
  • Fixed issue impacting the schedules bucket view where incorrect values were populating under the Unamortized Bond Premium (Discount) column within the Total bucket
Leases Improvements and Fixes
  • Enhanced the validations for Step Payments, Stated Interest Rate, Implicit Interest Rate and Entity’s Incremental Borrowing Rate
  • Updated the disclosure exports to remove lease data that is no longer applicable to the selected fiscal year
  • Fixed issue where ‘Summary’ schedule views were not showing all schedules and total balances for leases with multiple allocation splits
  • Updated the Overview tab within the Individual Lease Detail view to include the Termination Date for leases that have been terminated
  • Fixed issue where leases with a reasonably certain Purchase Option were calculating Amortization Schedule 1 day longer than expected
  • Fixed issue where Individual Lease Export was not generating for certain profiles

December 14, 2022

Debt Improvements and Fixes
  • Fixed an issue causing the “Reset Allocation Table” option in Payment Reporting to act as a ‘save’ rather than a reset
  • Fixed an issue where some users were receiving emailed milestone notifications to which they are not subscribed
  • Removed highlighting that was appearing throughout the Audit Notes export
  • Fixed an issue where charts in the “summary by” area of schedules views were pulling incorrect data
  • Fixed an issue where payment reporting exports did not have the secondary sorting criteria of series ID as expected
Leases Improvements and Fixes
  • Updated journal entries to include the final entry to remove the depreciated asset for leases with reasonably certain purchase options
  • Fixed issue where ‘Incentives after Commencement’ inputs were producing incorrect journal entries
  • Fixed styling issue where Payment Reporting ‘Date Paid’ input box was not aligned correctly with surrounding inputs
  • Fixed issue where Dashboard amounts were not being displayed for certain profiles

December 7, 2022

Debt Improvements and Fixes
  • Added the ability to identify issues in the application as ‘State Loans’, ‘State Revolving Loans’ and ‘Federal Loans’ by populating ‘Investor Type’ in schedule view and issuance note in Audit Note exports
  • Added ‘Next Fiscal Year’ as a preset date range option in Payment Reporting
  • Added the maturity by maturity premium/discount amortization schedules to Issue Detail export
  • Updated maturity detail tab and exports to include indicators for Term Bonds
Leases Improvements and Fixes
  • Updated the styling for various action buttons within the Leases app
  • Fixed issue where edited Profile Names were not populating correctly within Disclosure paragraphs
  • Fixed issue impacting the Warning modal for updating leases with verified/paid payments where the ‘Go to Payments Reporting’ button was not working correctly
  • Fixed alignment of Total Payment/Receipt column header within individual lease schedule

November 30, 2022

Bulk Edit

We’ve enhanced the Bulk Edit feature on the Leases side of the app. In addition to bulk editing the Status, users now have the ability to bulk edit various lease input details for up to 50 leases at a time via Profile Summary.

Global Improvements and Fixes
  • Fixed issue where the Default View profile setting was not working properly which caused conflicting sides of the app to be reflected upon sign-in
Debt Improvements and Fixes
  • Fixed issue where the Profile Summary tables were not updating based on the selected dimension
  • Fixed issue where the Create Audit Note confirmation modal was displaying “undefined” instead of the series description
  • Fixed issue where navigating to the Issue Detail Contacts page resulted in a blank screen
  • Fixed issue with data exports from Profile Summary views where exports used previous selections rather than current selections in some instances
Leases Improvements and Fixes
  • Updated dashboard calculations related to monthly expenses to ensure values from Lessor leases are excluded
  • Updated the ‘Incentives After Commencement’ fields to ‘Incentives After Start Date’ within the Create/Edit Lease form and related exports
  • Updated the Audit Notes “Actuals” export to automatically include all Payment Reporting Principal variances

November 23, 2022

Global Improvements and Fixes
  • Enhanced the Account Security settings by adding the ability for Admins to set their users’ maximum session duration
  • Fixed issue causing ‘;’ character to appear at the end of the file name for source attachments
Debt Improvements and Fixes
  • Enhanced the Payment Reporting settings display by updating the Scheduled Balance to 0 for issues dated after the Reporting Origination Date
  • Updated the export file modals to have consistent wording of “Generate Export”
  • Fixed an issue in Profile Summary aggregate charts where balances and percentages were referencing the incorrect date
  • Fixed an issue where Audit Note reporting was not using the correct balance provided in certain instances
  • Fixed issue where GL codes for Principal and the allocated Purpose were not populating in bulk or individual Payment Reporting exports
  • Fixed an issue where charts displaying issue by issue data included all issues rather than the selected subset of issues
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect number of issues for any given dimension value was displayed in Profile Summary views
Leases Improvements and Fixes
  • Enhanced the Leases tab with additional filters and optional columns supported by an updated layout
  • Removed the ‘Uncollectible Amounts’ section from the Lessee Edit Lease Information View and related exports

November 16, 2022

Debt Payment Offset

Payment Reporting and Milestones now populate with Payment Offset dates. In payment details users can see the payment ‘due date’ compared to the payment ‘offset date’, if applicable. Notifications for Payment Date Milestones are now tied to offset dates. Users can also apply a  profile setting to see Bucket View, Issue Detail View, and Payment Reporting defaulted to “Maturity Dates” or “Offset Dates”.

Global Improvements and Fixes
  • Improved the file upload experience by adding messaging to inform users of the file size limit and displaying an error message when they exceed that limit
  • Fixed issue where users were not being routed to the expected part of the app as designated by their Default View setting within Profile Preferences
  • Fixed issue within the main Contacts tab where Guests were unable to access the list of Assigned Issues / Assigned Lease Components
Debt Improvements and Fixes
  • Fixed issue where navigating to a split via the Issue Detail Split dropdown and then adjusting any of the filters was reloading the original view of the issue without the split
  • Fixed issue where the First Period End date was always defaulting to a month end date based on the selected ‘Profile as of’ date and Frequency
  • Fixed issue where navigating to the Issue Detail view via the Issues tab was setting the ‘Profile as of’ date to the current date regardless of the default date selected within Profile Preferences
  • Fixed issue where attempting to preview additional edits via the Offset Payment Schedule page was sending the user to a blank page
Leases Improvements and Fixes
  • Updated the format of Summary Split Views to be consistent with the Debt side of the application
  • Updated the Override Lease End Date functionality to only be available upon lease creation and during error correction/update type changes
  • Fixed issue where Allocations section in Create/Edit Lease form was preventing user from using allocation percentages with 3 or 4 decimals
  • Fixed issue where alignment of ‘Download’ button on Journal Entries tab was inconsistent for Owned Profiles vs Viewable Profiles

November 9, 2022

Global Improvements and Fixes
  • Fixed issue where password reset was generating several duplicate confirmation emails for certain users
Debt Improvements and Fixes
  • Fixed penny rounding issue when in Monthly Frequency view on premium/discount amortization
  • Removed accounting data for Capital Appreciation Bonds since the app currently does not support the necessary functionality for accurately reporting them
Leases Improvements and Fixes
  • Added validations to the Create/Edit Lease form to ensure the Date of First Lease Incentive Paid and the Date of Termination Penalty Receipt both fall on or after the Lease Start Date
  • Fixed issue impacting large profiles where the Summary by Fund bucket view schedules were sometimes failing to fully load when using the 'Actual' frequency
  • Fixed issue where Comprehensive Journal Entry export was generating duplicate/extraneous entries for certain leases
  • Fixed styling for Activity tooltip on Fund Settings page

November 2, 2022

Debt Improvements and Fixes
  • Fixed issue where interest rate for specific maturities were not displaying in a debt service schedule
  • Fixed issue where the first monthly period of premium/discount amortization was populating incorrectly for issues dated on the 30th
Leases Improvements and Fixes
  • Updated all instances of “Ownership-Transfer-Contract” lease type to “Lease” lease type
  • Fixed issue within Audit Notes export where Immaterial Leases were being included in the Disclosure paragraphs

October 26, 2022

Global Improvements and Fixes
  • Fixed placement of 2-Factor Authentication tooltip and tooltips for various section titles throughout the Edit Lease form
Debt Improvements and Fixes
  • Updated “First Period End” logic to automatically populate with actual month end date regardless of number of days in the month
  • Fixed source document override functionality to ensure that once a user designates a “source” file, a system upload will not replace it
  • Fixed issue where Payment Reporting page was not rendering for Guest users
  • Fixed issue impacting the Issue Detail page where clicking the browser’s ‘back’ button was not taking the user back to their previous page
  • Fixed issue where premium amortization was generated on issues with no yield
Leases Improvements and Fixes
  • Updated the Rollforward tabs within the Audit Notes export to include restated balances in the beginning balance columns
  • Fixed spelling errors throughout various lease pages
  • Fixed issue where ‘Summary By’ schedules were not properly generating based on the selected Frequency
  • Fixed issue where Underlying Asset fields were disabled within the Create/Edit Lease form

October 19, 2022

Debt Improvements and Fixes
  • Updated source of Original Par Amount values in Issues tab to calculate based on actual par amount in schedules
  • Fixed issue where Custom Milestone Type “Archives” were migrated to Profiles not owned by the Organization where they were created
Leases Improvements and Fixes
  • Improved load time of Compare All Schedules page for large profiles
  • Removed validation from Payment Reporting where individual payments must have a non-zero value. Validation now only requires Total payment amount to be non-zero.
  • Fixed issue where application was amortizing Lessee Lease Asset over the total lease term instead of the useful life of underlying asset for leases with an asset useful life shorter than lease term
  • Fixed issue where Allocations on Overview tab were showing incorrectly for certain profiles
  • Fixed issue where Deposit amount on Overview tab of Individual Lease View was not populating
  • Fixed issue where the Details table within the Overview tab of individual Lessor leases was displaying a field titled ‘Vendor’ instead of ‘Lessee’

October 12, 2022

Global Improvements and Fixes
  • Updated file upload modals app-wide to only allow PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images and text. Also updated Bulk Import modals to only allow spreadsheets.
Debt Improvements and Fixes
  • Added the ability to apply separate DCNs for Principal and Interest portions of DTC reports and generate principal-only, interest-only and combined reports
  • Enhanced the Issues tab with the ability to sort on all fields
  • Fixed issue impacting schedules view where updating any modifier was generating schedules for all issues rather than just the selected issues
Leases Improvements and Fixes
  • Added the ability for a user to override the Lease End Date field within the Create/Edit Lease form
  • Added fields to the Create/Edit Lease form in order to give users the ability to track leases where the entire payment or receipt is based on future performance
  • Updated the Regulated Leases recognized lease revenue paragraph value in Audit Notes to exclude Variable and Other Payments for both Scheduled and Actual exports
  • Fixed issue where Lessee journal entries to remove Lease Asset and Accumulated Amortization were populating at incorrect dates in instances where Lease Asset was fully amortized prior to month-end
  • Fixed issue where Charts were no longer available on Bucket View pages
  • Fixed issue where lease import was failing due to decimals within allocation amounts
  • Fixed issue causing data inconsistencies for a small subset of Leases within certain profiles

October 5, 2022

Debt Improvements and Fixes
  • Added the ability for users to specify the chart label structure using the dimension, series, series description and custom text
  • Enhanced the Maturity Detail export modal by adding a validation around the Data Range field and displaying an error message if one is not selected
  • Updated validation that was blocking imports in relation to Effective Interest Rate calculations being performed in application
  • Updated validation that was blocking imports where the Dated Date was equal to the first payment date. This validation will now only be applied if a yield is present on the series.
  • Fixed issue that was blocking the input template upload
  • Fixed issue where archived Custom Milestones were appearing in the ‘Notifications’ options and the ‘Add New Milestone Type’ options
Leases Improvements and Fixes
  • Improved the error notification users receive when attempting to delete an allocated Dimension or GL Code via Profile Settings in order to make it clear why they cannot delete it. Also improved the confirmation modal users receive when attempting to delete a Dimension or GL Code that can be deleted.
  • Updated the Reporting tab to default to the Payments page for consistency with the Debt side of the app
  • Fixed issue impacting the Create/Edit Lease form where Allocation amount errors were showing on the wrong lease component

September 28, 2022

Change Management - Termination

This feature gives users the ability to apply a termination date to one or more components of a verified lease. “Termination” will be the first of several new modification types being rolled out for verified leases through the overall Change Management feature.

Debt Improvements and Fixes
  • Improved the clarity of the error message a user receives upon attempting to create ‘Actuals’ audit notes when they have not yet setup their Reporting Origination Date
  • Fixed issue where generating audit notes with the Payment Offset and Actual Reporting fields set to ‘No’ was producing incorrect results for any bond issued within the Fiscal Year for which the audit note was generated
Leases Improvements and Fixes
  • Added the ability for Admins and Members to delete phone numbers from existing Contacts via the Edit Lease form
  • Added payment frequencies for the Step Payment feature in order to provide further flexibility
  • Added a lease import validation to require numeric values for fields in the Restatement section of the lease input template
  • Fixed issue impacting Schedules bucket view where dates next to the ‘Total’ schedule were disappearing when navigating between buckets of schedules
  • Fixed issue where the Create New Profile modal window was still being displayed after successfully creating a new profile

September 21, 2022

Debt Payment Offset

Payment Offset gives users the ability to create a payment schedule “offset” from the stated due dates. Users can utilize this new “offset schedule” when viewing debt service schedules in both the detail and bucket views. Users can also utilize their Offset Schedule when preparing their audit notes.

Debt Improvements and Fixes
  • Fixed issue where users were unable to export the “Actuals” Debt Service Accounting Schedule
Leases Improvements and Fixes
  • Updated the presentation of the Lease Liability and Lease Asset values within the initial “Profile Summary” tab view, the related export file and the “View All Leases” view to show only the Lease Liability column and include the “Profile as of” date’s activity

September 14, 2022

Premium/Discount Amortization & Custom Milestones

Premium/Discount Amortization

This feature gives users the ability to generate their Premium/Discount amortization schedule in the application and export related journal entries based on either Straight-Line or Effective Interest Rate Amortization methods.

Custom Milestones

This feature gives users the ability to create their own event reminders in DebtBook, providing them with a consolidated calendar system to track any significant event related to their debt portfolio.

Global Improvements and Fixes
  • Fixed issue within the main Contacts tab where Phone, Note and Assigned columns were not sorting correctly
  • Fixed issue where Admin Users were able to access URLs for edit pages within Profiles not owned by their organization
Debt Improvements and Fixes
  • Moved Milestone Settings and Custom Milestones from the organization level Admin Settings to Profile Settings
Leases Improvements and Fixes
  • Fixed issue where the Accrued Interest and Interest Expense Balance columns within all lease schedules were being calculated incorrectly
  • Fixed issue affecting the Individual Lease Detail export where Lease Asset and Deferred Inflow of Resources were not fully amortized at Lease End Date for leases with a start date on the last day of the month
  • Fixed issue where the Journal Entries were not balancing for leases with a higher interest amount than what is represented within the Lease Payment
  • Fixed issue where unanswered Lease Determination Questions were displayed incorrectly as “No” instead of “N/A” within the Individual Lease Detail export

September 8, 2022

All Journal Entry Export

We’ve enhanced the Reporting functionality on the Leases side of the application with a Journal Entries option. Users now have the ability to generate customized and comprehensive journal entry exports from their profile in preparation for their financial reporting.

Global Improvements and Fixes
  • Enhanced the Guest experience by adding a more intuitive empty state message on the Profiles page.
  • Updated the Support Center link and table padding on the Manage Guest Permissions page within Profile Settings.
  • Replaced the “—” character with blanks for all numeric fields in the application exports.
Debt Improvements and Fixes
  • Updated the Payment Reporting page and related exports to sort payments by Series name when multiple Payments fall on the same date.
  • Fixed issue with Accrued Interest Activity Journal Entries on periods before payment dates.
  • Fixed issue impacting the Milestones Timeline on the Dashboard where clicking the ‘View Issue’ hyperlink for the Call Dates milestone type was taking the user to a blank Issue Detail page.
Leases Improvements and Fixes
  • Fixed issue where marking payments as paid at a date subsequent to the scheduled Fiscal Year End was causing the Audit Notes - Actual exports to display incorrect beginning balances in the Roll forward tabs.

August 31, 2022

Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes

  • Updated the spacing around the three-dot action button within the table on all Contacts pages throughout the application
  • Updated the styling of selections within the action menu dropdowns on several pages throughout the application
  • Fixed issue where the Payments Reporting pages were not loading for Guests
  • Added tooltips throughout various pages on the Leases side of the application
  • Added a tooltip to the Guest Permissions page on the Leases side of the application
  • Removed "and depreciation expense" phrase from the revenue activity description within the Full Accrual Journal Entry export for Lessor 'Lease' type leases without an underlying asset schedule
  • Removed the ability for Guests to create Lease Profiles
  • Fixed issue where "Ownership-Transfer-Contract" lease type was being applied when the lease type should be “Lease” and removed the "Ownership-Transfer-Contract" lease type from the app
  • Fixed issue where 'Create Lease' modal was preventing user from adding Non-GASB 87 leases

August 24, 2022

New Option for Debt Bucket View Exports

New option for Debt bucket view exports

We’ve split out our bucket view export into “Accounting” and “Debt Service” options for their respective uses. The “Accounting” export reflects the current export from the bucket view, inclusive of debt service schedules with Accrued Interest and Interest Expense fields and additional tabs for journal entries for the set period. The new “Debt Service” export option strips all accounting fields out of the export, giving you a cleaner view of just the debt service for each selected series you export.

Roll-Forward Tables by Purpose

Audit Notes now include a Roll Forward by Purpose tab. When creating and downloading the Audit Notes export, you will now see a new Roll Forward by Purpose tab which builds roll forward tables based on the Purpose dimension of your profile, supplementing the existing Roll Forward by Activity and Roll Forward by Fund tables. To generate this new tab, you must source your Audit Notes on "Scheduled".

Search functionality for Leases

We’ve enhanced the Leases side of the application with search functionality. Users now have the ability to search for lease components across all profiles within their organization based on the Lease Component Name.

Improvements and Fixes

Global Improvements and Fixes
  • Added the ability for Members of an organization to resend invitations to Guest users by clicking the new Resend Invite link on the Guest Permissions page
  • Added a security measure to notify users via email when their password has been changed. This will enable them to be alerted in the event their account is compromised or the password is changed inadvertently.
  • Removed the validation that previously required an email input when adding or editing a Contact
Debt Improvements and Fixes
  • Enhanced Debt Audit Notes exports to include a Roll Forward by Purpose tab for scheduled audit notes, which populates from the Purpose dimension in a user's profile
  • Updated the Issue Details tabs to hide values in non-applicable filters
Leases Improvements and Fixes
  • Updated the format of the Lease Details Export to provide more clarity on the lease details included
  • Updated the journal entry exports to ensure that all splits are included within the columns that should display total amounts
  • Updated the Profile Summary calculations to aggregate the depreciation expense for the underlying Lessor lease assets
  • Fixed issue impacting leases with multiple fund allocations where viewing the balances by Fund was causing the Interest Expense and Interest Income balances to calculate incorrectly
  • Fixed issue impacting the beginning and ending balances in Lease schedules
  • Fixed issue where payments marked as paid in Payment Reporting were populating in the incorrect fiscal years within the Audit Notes exports for Leases
  • Fixed issue with the Lease Schedules export where paid 'Variable' and 'Other' payment balances from Payment Reporting were excluded from the Total Schedule
  • Fixed issue where attempting to upload a file via the Create Lease page or the Lease Overview tab was failing despite being under the file size limit
  • Fixed issue on Manage Dimensions page where selecting to hide a dimension caused the dimension to disappear from the page altogether

August 17, 2022

Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes

  • Enhanced the Maturity Detail exports with an additional layer of sorting in order to address instances where multiple Series have the same Dated Date
  • Updated First Period End date to adjust automatically according to any changes in the Frequency modifier in bucket view and Issue detail view
  • Removed the ability to set the Date Range filter to "Current Fiscal Year" in Debt Payment Reporting when Profile filter is set to "All"
  • Fixed issue where GL codes containing a decimal with a zero at the end were incorrectly generating as numeric values instead of text values
  • Fixed issue where grouping Profile Summary data by Purpose produced an incorrect "Grouped by" header in the related export
  • Fixed issue where the currently viewed issue’s End Date was set to a previously viewed Issue’s End Date


  • Added new charts to display unallocated lease data within the applicable sections of the Audit Note export
  • Added the ability to simultaneously upload multiple documents to Payment and Receipt records within Leases Payments Reporting
  • Updated the available fields on the Edit Lease form to hide the "Maximum Lease Term" field for month-to-month and year-to-year leases, both in the app and in the related export
  • Fixed issue on the Edit Lease form where setting “Month-to-Month or Year-to-Year" field to “Yes” produced an error within the Lease Term section but did not specify which field caused the error

August 10, 2022

Actuals Audit Notes for Leases

Head into audit with confidence with the Actuals Audit Notes export. Whereas Scheduled Audit Notes report balances according to scheduled payment dates, Actuals uses your recorded payment dates from Payments Reporting to calculate Audit Notes balances. This is critical for accurate reporting when your payments differ from the Scheduled basis.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed issue within Payment Reporting where selecting a group of payments and updating any of the applied filters failed to clear the previously selected payments and disable bulk action options
  • Fixed issue where series with bifurcations could not be expanded into detail views
  • Fixed issue within DTC Paying Agent Report where Series were not listed in alphanumeric order
  • Fixed issue within "Actuals" Audit Notes where the Current Portion column of the Roll Forward tables reflected a negative balance despite the Balance as of Fiscal Year End being $0
  • Fixed issue within Audit Notes where payments marked as Paid after the given Fiscal Year End Date incorrectly generated $0 values in the Current Portion and Accrued Interest columns of the Roll Forward tables
  • Fixed issue within the Issue Detail view where the Split dropdown did not display Outstanding Par amounts for Splits


  • Added charts to the Lease bucket view pages so users can now toggle between schedules and charts when filtering and reviewing their data
  • Added the ability to export charts only within Audit Notes for Leases
  • Added the ability for Admins, Members and Viewers to have view-only access to Profile Settings for Profiles not owned by their Organization
  • Added the ability for Admins and Members to select and delete an entire piece of text when editing Disclosures
  • Updated the "Payable From" column header to "Payable To" for the chart within the "Lease - Lessor Footnote" tab of the Audit Note export
  • Fixed issue where users were able to create a new lease without answering all of the required determination questions
  • Fixed issue where exporting Bucket View with the "Actual" frequency produced blank journal entry tabs for periods with no allocated activity

August 3, 2022

Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes

  • Added a tooltip to provide Admins with more information about enabling 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) for their organization


  • Updated the error message we show users when attempting to save profile details with a blank Fiscal Year End to state that it is required
  • Fixed issue where users were unable to un-favorite issues from the Schedules view and the Favorites tab
  • Fixed tooltip text box placement on charts accessed via Profile Summary and Summary by pages


  • Updated the wording of the default Disclosures paragraph in Individual Lease View and related exports to remove "principal and interest" phrase
  • Updated the profile name reference within the default Disclosures paragraph to pull from the editable profile display name within the Profiles tab
  • Fixed issue where exporting Bucket View with a scheduled Frequency and an End Date set past the end of schedule activity produced blank journal entry tabs for periods with no allocated activity

July 27, 2022

Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed issue where user-uploaded documents were attributed as uploaded by System instead of the user. Documents uploaded July 7-26, 2022 are impacted.
  • Fixed issue on Contacts where users could not view contacts associated with Profiles not owned by their Organization


  • Added the ability to export Maturity Details "as of" a specified date so users can limit reporting to outstanding obligations or other date range
  • Removed inapplicable “Total” values from Accrued Interest and Interest Expense columns in bucket view flyouts
  • Fixed issue where series with bifurcations could not be expanded into detail views
  • Fixed issue where disabled ‘Milestones’ access blocked Guests from accessing any Issue’s Overview tab. Guests without the Milestones permission may now see the Overview tab with the Milestones chart hidden.


  • Added a 'Triannual' Payment Frequency option for lease components where payments are made three times a year
  • Added tooltips throughout the Create/Edit Lease form to enable better self-service
  • Added validation to the Create/Edit Lease form to prevent users from saving after deleting all lease components
  • Updated lease schedule exports to include columns for Accrued Interest and Interest Expense/Income Balance
  • Updated the "Payable From" column header to "Payable To" for the chart within the "Lease - Lessor Footnote" tab of the Audit Note export
  • Fixed issue where changing a lease type from Material to Immaterial or vice versa caused a broken lease schedule
  • Fixed issue where navigating from Compare All Schedules to any lease component cleared the End Date filter
  • Fixed issue in the Contacts export where archived lease components were added to contacts' Assigned components count

July 20, 2022

Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes

  • Enhanced the Audit Log with new fields and filters which make it easier for Admins to filter and understand user and system events
  • Fixed text alignment issues in Bucket view pages


  • Added back missing totals for Principal, Interest, Total and Annual Total on the Debt Service tab in Issue Details
  • Fixed text alignment in the Profiles list. Text values should be left-aligned and numbers and dates should be left right-aligned throughout the application.


  • Added Related Items tab and Disclosures tab to Individual Lease Details export 
  • Added the ability for Admins and Members to override the General Ledger number with a blank value and to revert back to the system-generated GL number via the "Edit GL Numbers" view
  • Added the ability for Admins and Members to edit and delete assets directly through the Assets tab within the individual lease detail view
  • Fixed grammatical errors in the field names within the Variable Payment section of Edit Lease Information page
  • Fixed issue where leading or trailing spaces in the Dimension name caused an error when attempting to download the Bulk Import template. Extra leading or trailing spaces will be automatically removed when saving changes to Dimension names.
  • Fixed issue on Profile Summary where the bottom-most item in View All Leases was hidden by the Compare Schedule and Bulk Edit Selected Leases action bar when selecting any item 

July 13, 2022

Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes

  • Enhanced the Profile Summary export with additional data displayed in the app but not previously included in the export: Use of Proceeds, Series Description, Tax Status and Interest Type
  • Updated DTC report permissions so only Admins and Members in an organization that owns the Profile may update its DTC reports
  • Fixed issue in Issue Details where a Note created in the Overview Tab was not displayed on the Debt Service tab
  • Fixed issue where users could not record Payments in their Organization's owned Profiles
  • Fixed issue where unanswered Lease Determination Questions were displayed incorrectly as "No" instead of "N/A" within the Individual Lease Export
  • Fixed issue in Payment Reporting where 'Payment Method' field in the Individual Payment view displayed Bank Draft regardless of the user’s selection when marked as Paid
  • Hid "Inflows of Resources not Previously Included within the Lease Receivable" and "Outflows of Resources not Previously Included within the Lease Liability" Audit Note charts. They were prematurely released and will be made visible with the release of Audit Notes - Actuals.

July 7, 2022

Easier document uploads

We've added the ability to simultaneously upload multiple files to Issues and Leases in the Overview tab. This makes it easier for organizations to import batches of files, e.g. when uploading all of the documents that make up a debt issue's transcript.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed issue where updating Profile as of failed to update First Period End in Debt Service details when navigating from bucket view
  • Fixed issue where the Notifications page displayed an incomplete list of Profiles attached to Organizations with a large number of Profiles
  • Fixed issue causing Issue details page to load inefficiently
  • Fixed issue preventing verification of payments when allocating $0 to a split
  • Fixed issue where Lease Schedules reloaded unnecessarily when exporting data
  • Added validation to lease allocations to ensure they sum to 100% exactly
  • Fixed issue where existing lease components could not be deleted
  • Fixed issue in Lease Schedule view, bucket view and exports where lease schedule values were missing when a lease component had a delayed payment
  • Removed the ability for Members to add related leases if their Organization does not own the Profile
  • Added a journal entry within the Lessee Journal Entry export for the reduction of the Lease Asset at the Lease End Date
  • Fixed issue where additional Modified Accrual Lessee reconciliation entries were included in exports beyond the filtered date range
  • Added the ability to set a GL Account Display Name in journal entry exports to align with an organization’s preferred naming convention
  • Fixed table padding issue on the Manage Members member list

June 29, 2022

Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed issue with Actuals Audit Notes where Outstanding Amounts in the credit type tabs were not calculated correctly based on Payment Reporting Settings
  • Updated DTC exports to display payment amounts up to only two decimal places
  • Updated the Issues page export to show Par amounts to two decimal places for more accuracy
  • Fixed the issue where filters were cleared when updating any filter option to "All" on the Leases page
  • Added the Lease Determination Questions to the lease edit fields to allow visibility on the responses provided
  • Fixed issue where Immaterial leases were presenting the full Lease Liability & Lease Asset / Lease Receivable & Deferred Inflow of Resources schedules. Immaterial leases now present the payment or receipt schedule.
  • Added the ability to bulk edit draft and unverified leases statuses

June 23, 2022

Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes

  • Added the ability for users to remove phone numbers from debt and lease contacts
  • Fixed issue where Roll-Forward by Fund tables weren't showing Additions
  • Fixed Accrued Interest Balance and Interest Expense Balance labeling issue in Debt Service details
  • Removed the duplicate Previously Processed option in Payments Reporting's Payments filter
  • Fixed issues limiting functionality on the Issuers page in App Admin and when creating or editing User Notes in Profile Summary that limited functionality
  • Fixed table alignment on the Manage Dimensions settings page
  • Added instructions to the General Ledger Bulk Edit Import Template directing the user not to change the order of the columns within the template, otherwise the import will fail
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from deleting leases
  • Improved the formatting of the lease audit notes export
  • Improved the presentation of the lease application's Reporting Audit Notes feature
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from seeing schedules when navigating to bucket view from the individual lease details page
  • Updated the background of the lease details page when optional items are added and deleted

June 16, 2022

Multiple GL String Functionality

Users are now able to create multiple general ledger string formats and assign them to individual accounts. All general ledger formats are now visible in a new tab labeled 'Manage GL Formats' in Profile Settings.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added Original Par Amount to the Profiles list
  • Addressed technical debt and updated the presentation of Issue details pages
  • Improved handling of user app navigation when an Organization does not have a default Profile set or any attached Profiles
  • Fixed issue where email notifications were missing Series name and description
  • Fixed issue where Actuals-based Audit Notes didn't pull in Actual Balance from ACFR in Payment Reporting Settings
  • Fixed the issue where Admins could not manage Guest Permissions


  • Added the ability for users to add lease assets directly through the Assets tab within the lease profile
  • Added reasonable certainty explanation text boxes for lessee lease purchase and termination options
  • Leases are now required to have at least one lease component. When the user creates a new lease, the first lease component is now visible by default.

June 8, 2022

Lease Payment Reporting

Payment reporting is a key enhancement that allows users to track and manage lease payments and receipts within their lease profile. Users are now able to track all variable payment and receipt portions within the application, as well as payment dates for all payments and receipts. These details will provide users updated schedules and journal entries.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added dimension totals for Original Par Amount in Profile Summary exports
  • Fixed Payments reporting issue where selecting Date Range "All" would ignore all other filter selections
  • Fixed Payments reporting issue where Unverified payments had a blank status on the list page
  • Fixed the issue where schedules ended early in bucket view due to use of the minimum final maturity date among all the series splits as the issue’s final maturity date
  • Fixed issue causing duplicate projects to appear in Profile Summary
  • Added validations within the lease input template and application to prevent duplicate external_ids from being created (Lease profile names must be unique within the Organization, Lease names must be unique within the Profile, and Lease component names must be unique within a Lease)
  • Added a confirmation modal when lease changes are applied to leases with verified payments
  • Updated the modified accrual conversion entries to include full asset values within subsequent reporting periods
  • Updated the tooltip on Step Payment Increases to match the tooltip style used across the app
  • Fixed a bug preventing members from downloading and importing GL codes
  • Fixed formatting issues in Profile Summary exports
  • Users will see a “Link has expired” message when clicking on an expired source link instead of code

June 2, 2022

Debt reporting enhancements

Export underlying chart data to Excel

Until today, users could only export app-generated charts as images. We have added the ability to export the underlying chart data to Excel. You can use the export to create and customize charts in any application that can open an Excel file. Issuers and Professionals alike can customize data formatting to align with your needs and presentation standards.

Bulk record Verified payments as Paid

We have expanded bulk actions in Payments Reporting so you can record multiple Verified payments as Paid. Issuers who have multiple Series they pay on the same day and same wire no longer need to mark each individual Series as paid.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added the ability for Admins to set and update FYE in the Profile list
  • Enhanced DTC reporting with sorted Status filters, sorted and clickable Series on the details pages, and text wrapping on the Summary table
  • Fixed issue where certain lease term inputs were causing create/edit lease page to become unresponsive
  • Added a column to the Asset tab within the individual lease details and within the export that calculates Beginning Lease Asset Value (Lessee) / Beginning Lease Asset Value (Lessor)
  • Improved sorting within the lease listings located within the application's profile summary
  • Improved display of lease splits within the Schedules tab
  • Updated the default sorting for the Leases tab to be based on the Lease Component name instead of the Lease Name

May 25, 2022

Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed the issue causing the Contacts page to become unresponsive due to a missing phone number
  • Updated issue descriptions in payment detail exports to wrap instead of overrunning a single line
  • Removed the Create New Profile button from the Profiles list
  • Added Original Par Amount to Profile Summary app views and exports
  • Sorted the Profiles selector alphabetically in the Create Notes modal
  • Fixed the second modal in the Create Notes flow to reflect the proper dropdown style
  • Removed the % sign from Call Price in bucket view and bucket view exports
  • Fixed the issue where the "Semi-Annual" frequency filter did not display the full text when selected
  • Fixed the issue where navigating from a Summary by X bucket view to a chart cleared out the End Date filter
  • Simplified the conditions of the Maturity Detail report exports to always show Rate, Yield, and Price if defined/calculable
  • Fixed the issue where the Guest Permissions menu option appeared to organizations that don't own the profile. Users could not access the page but saw an error message.
  • Fixed the issue causing the Lease Dashboard to display incorrect data under Lease Purchase Options
  • Concurrent recalculation of lease schedules no longer cause errors
  • Fixed the issue causing duplicate lease components to show in the dashboard
  • Updated the filter behavior on the Individual Lease Page to remain sticky throughout the user's session
  • Updated the table header alignment on the Individual Lease Schedule pages for Lessee and Lessor 'lease' type leases
  • Updated lease reporting note export feature to include more precise commenced lease information within note creation prompts
  • Updated purchase options titles when multiple purchase options were added within the lease input details

May 18, 2022

Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes

  • Added the ability for Members to view and edit the dimension and general ledger settings within the Lease application
  • Updated the empty state messaging in the tables on Profile Summary, bucket view and individual schedule view lease pages when results do not show due to the filters applied
  • Updated table formatting on lease Audit Notes tables
  • Removed blank flyout menus from the leases Schedules navigation menu
  • Improved error handling and messaging of failed document retrieval during the debt and lease template import process
  • Enabled AWS Region support for disaster recovery data migrations

May 12, 2022

Generate and record DTC Paying Agent reports with ease

We have rolled out a reporting workflow for issuers who act as their own paying agent. Similar to the Payments Reporting workflow, the DTC Paying Agent Report allows you to prepare and update the status of reports you submit to DTC. Review and select series for the prepared report, export in a uniform manner and send to DTC With the confidence that all your CUSIPs are accounted for.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Updated password settings to accommodate passwords that are seemingly random and meet specific criteria
  • Fixed issue in Bucket View where splits displayed the issue's final maturity date instead of the split's
  • Updated Profile Summary to display each split's final maturity date rather than the overall issue's final maturity date
  • Fixed the issue where Frequency and First Period End were reset when navigating from debt detail view to a Summary bucket view
  • Added the ability to sort all columns on the Leases tab
  • Assigned default accounting methods with each activity type in the Create/Edit Lease modals
  • The GL import template now has the same validations around dimension names that currently exist within the application
  • Changed the Lease ID in the database for Cancellable leases to 'Non-GASB 87 Lease'

May 5, 2022

Debt Accounting Enhancements

We are continually expanding our accounting capabilities to support your operations and methods, both in and out of DebtBook.

Added 30/360 Interest Basis selection

We have added a 30/360 interest accrual option to support client obligations and accounting methods. You can now choose between “Actual/Actual” and “30/360” Accrued Interest Basis options in Accounting Settings.

Expanded Accrued Interest and Interest Expense and added Journal Entry Recognition Basis

We have added accrued interest “activity” to enable clients to book journal entries by activity. You can see Accrued Interest and Interest Expense Activity and Balances in the app in debt schedules and bucket view flyouts. You can now choose between “Activity” and “Balance” Journal Entry Recognition Basis options in Accounting Settings to determine how journal entries are prepared in exported schedules.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added comment fields to allow users to document the rationale for assumptions made within the lease details
  • Removed the loader on the Profile Summary page when the lessee or lessor filter is applied to a profile without lessee or lessor leases

April 27, 2022

Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed issue where Debt bucket view did not display properly on smaller screens or narrow browser widths
  • Simplified the conditions of the Maturity Detail report in the app to always show Rate, Yield, and Price if defined/calculable
  • Fixed issue in Debt Reporting Notes where State Loans were not designated as “Publicly Sold” or “Notes for Direct Borrowings and Direct Placements”
  • Cleaned up formatting on the Allocations tab in debt details
  • Fixed issue in the Debt Payments list where the Date Range filter option "All" reset to "Next 90 Days" when going into a payment detail and navigating back
  • Added further detail regarding the impacted Lease Component Name and Internal Lease Identifier to each applicable Audit Log entry
  • Added the Non-lease Component to the Lease Payment and Lease Receipt sections of the lease schedule for further visibility regarding the Non-lease Components impact to the Lease Receipt and Lease Payment fields
  • Extended the link access for each source file link, within the Lease Details Export excel file, to 30 days
  • Included the cancelable lease term within the details export for month-to-month or year-to-yer leases
  • Added the ability for users to designate Draft leases as Verified leases without having to first assign an Unverified status
  • Updated the display of negative values throughout the application to be shown in brackets
  • Improved the functionality of the Payment End Date field within the Non-lease component edit lease section

April 20, 2022

Create Scheduled Lease audit notes

Create Scheduled Lease audit notes

You can now export financial reporting information for all verified Lessee and Lessor “Lease” type and “Regulated Lease” type leases. This export contains lease specific disclosure paragraphs relating to the underlying lease details and lease schedules, as well as roll-forward tables of lease activity. To accommodate users that have leases with additional disclosure requirements, users can view and edit their system-generated disclosure paragraphs from the Disclosures tab within Individual Lease Details. All changes made to individual disclosure paragraphs will be included when generating the audit note export from the Audit Notes tab.

Manage historic payments

DebtBook continues to make it easier to accurately record and manage payments. We have added the ability to bulk update payments that precede implementation on DebtBook as "Previously Processed". This new status is distinct from Verified in that users can acknowledge that previous payments have been processed without tying out every payment in granular detail. To build out a comprehensive record, users can still mark historic payments as Verified and Paid.

Improvements and Fixes

  • When adding a new dimension, the visibility setting now defaults to 'Allocations Only' if the profile already contains the maximum number of visible dimensions
  • Updated the Profile selector in the secondary navigation bar to be sorted alphabetically
  • Updated bucket view exports to display "—" instead of 0s for easier data consumption and consistency with the app views
  • Fixed the autocomplete functionality of the Profile selectors in Payments Reporting and Audit Notes

April 13, 2022

Manage your profile’s contacts

We recently introduced the ability to add contacts to individual debt and lease obligations. We have now rolled out the complete feature allowing you to manage contacts at the profile level via the Contacts tab. View, manage and export contacts from a central location. Contacts automatically stay in sync so your team can easily manage debt and leases, not people.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Updated name of the “Notes” tab to “Audit Notes”
  • Simplified the Files card in the debt detail and lease issue component Overview tabs. The file list now shows the file Name, Date Uploaded and File Size.
  • Fixed issue where Bond Issues that have a Dated Date later than Reporting Origination Date displayed an incorrect Outstanding Amount on Credit Type roll-forward tables
  • Truncated long series descriptions in bucket view to fix issue of misaligned schedule buckets in bucket view. They now end in (...) instead of wrapping to new lines.
  • Added the ability for users to associate governmental and business activity types to modified or full accounting methods within Lease Fund GL codes
  • Added the ability for users to search for an existing contact through the Contacts tab when creating or editing a lease
  • ‘Cancelable’ lease types are now labeled as ‘Non-GASB 87 Lease’ lease type, and two additional determination questions have been added to the Create lease modal to support this change
  • Fixed a bug causing lease types to be labeled incorrectly throughout various lease pages
  • Added the ability to set first payment, second payment and payment end dates for non-lease components
  • Updated the sorting for Account GL Codes
  • The Override Lease Type options were corrected to ensure that only the applicable Lease Types are available for Lessor and Lessee leases

April 6, 2022

Analyze your debt service with maturity-level details

Each issue is a collection of maturities complete with their own attributes beyond principal and interest payments in the debt service schedule. We’ve created the Maturity Detail report to expose the underlying data and attributes for every maturity in your profile. View and export key data on a maturity-by-maturity level like CUSIPs, coupon, yield and call date; accurately report for continuing disclosure; and conduct advanced data analysis on a granular level across your entire debt portfolio.

610d584b554ab05fd779b684_payment_reporting_ui_update (2)
Maturity Detail tab via issue details

You can access this report at the series level in an individual issue’s details, or download a bulk maturity detail report from the Issues index page. Head to DebtBook’s Support Center to learn more.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Updated the display of Call Price throughout the app and exports to remove the percent sign and show three decimal places; added a Redemption Options card to the Debt detail Overview tab
  • Fixed an issue where exports for Audit Notes to Financial Statements were failing
  • Removed the “$” sign from Outstanding Par Amount values in the Profiles list
  • Fixed issue causing Maximum Lease Term to display as incorrect value in the Lease Input Details export. Added Total Lease Term to the export
  • Added the ability for users to edit the Lease name within the Basic Entity Information tab in the Create/Edit Lease form
  • Updated journal entries for "Lease Incentives Paid After Commencement" field & "Lease Incentives Received After Commencement"
  • Dimension overview pages and filters now show properly within Profile Summary for Lease profiles

March 30, 2022

Customize the first period length in a debt schedule

 We have added a new date dimension that gives you greater control of your data in bucket and debt detail views. The addition of First Period End allows you to set a short or long first period in the schedule. This enables both Issuers and Professionals to answer the fundamental question of what outstanding debt service is as of a specific date, not just the debt service in standard periods.

Head to DebtBook’s Support Center to learn how to access and use this feature.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where setting Payment Reporting’s date range filter to Current Fiscal Year would filter the past year
  • Fixed the issue where modifying Profile as of or Frequency would update End Date to the current date
  • Updated sorting on lease component lists throughout lease pages to sort alphanumerically
  • Updated the width of the Lease Details cells within the Lease Details export to show the full value within each cell
  • Updated dropdown fields within the Allocations section to allow users to deselect their allocation selection
  • Updated the Draft Leases tab on the Lease Profile Dashboard to only show when draft leases exist

March 23, 2022

Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes

  • Updated the order of the secondary navigation bar so Issues or Leases display after Profile Summary and Schedules
  • Added the ability for users to manually override the lease type automatically assigned by the system
  • Adjusted the placement of the horizontal scroll bar within the GL Numbers table on the Lease Details > Overview tab to make it easier to scroll
  • Updated copy in the Contacts tab in Debt detail and Lease Component detail for extra clarity
  • Fixed the broken support link for Reporting Origination Date in Debt Payment Reporting Settings
  • Updated Issuer CUSIPs that were entered incorrectly or corrupted during the import process

March 16, 2022

Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed accrued interest calculations when a refunding bullet payment is included within the bond schedule. We now support Advanced Refunding, Partial Current Refunding, and Full Current Refunding bullet payments.
  • Removed the Lease Value column (underlying asset dollar value) from the Assets tab within the Lease Details export

March 10, 2022

Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes

We have updated the Create/Edit lease form and made other miscellaneous improvements:

  • Removed the ability to add dollar values as an allocation type on the Create/Edit lease form
  • Added the ability to Allocate the % to four decimal places on the Credit/Edit lease form
  • Second payment field in the Create/Edit lease form no longer automatically populates based on the frequency and can now be left blank
  • Fixed a bug preventing source documents from opening from the Lease Input Details export
  • Fixed a bug causing the values within the Split dropdown on lease Schedule pages to show 'Split 1 of null' instead of 'Split 1 of 1'
  • Updated the technical implementation process to store most ACFRs in the DebtBook cloud which ensures users can access it from Profile Summary

March 2, 2022

Contacts for Debt Management

You can now add your contacts to Debt issues. Adding anyone associated with the issue–your FA, bond counsel, bank or trustee, just to name a few–allows you to maintain a system of record of who is responsible for inquiries and ongoing operational support of the debt obligation.

Debt contacts are especially helpful in the common occurrence of reconciling incorrect invoices with the app’s calculated totals. You no longer need to shuffle through spreadsheets, address books or ask around your department to figure out who to reach in order to resolve an invoice discrepancy. You can simply go to the Issue and its contacts directly from the payment to identify who to reach for resolution.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed a calculation issue of Lease IIR in the edit form caused when a payment increases schedule item is specified without start date and end date

February 24, 2022

GL Numbers Table Updates

GL Numbers Table Updates

Users can now select more than two optional items from the menu within the GL Numbers table on Lease Details > Overview tab, which allows users to override more than 2 account GL codes at a time. Additionally, it will allow users to view any combination of custom dimensions and accounts within the table.

We updated table formatting to show table columns and Optional Items alpha-numerically and based on dimension visibility. Visible dimensions always show first, followed by 'Allocations Only' dimensions, then Accounts.

View Upcoming Payments on the Debt Dashboard

We enhanced the Debt Dashboard’s Payments card to show upcoming unverified, verified and confirmed payments. Users can refer to this as a point of entry to stay on top of making and tracking payments. The Payments card spans the full width of the page as we removed the Suggested card.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Separated draft and unverified leases into different tabs on the Lease profile dashboard
  • Updated the Bucket View export by fixing a bug that showed incorrect labels and added the corresponding dimension label
  • Removed the Dollar Value field in the Underlying Assets section in the Create/Edit lease form and on the Assets tab within Lease Details
  • Added user instructions to the GL Import template
  • Updated cell formatting in GL Code columns within the GL Import template to allow users to add GL codes that begin with '0'
  • Updated a debt Issue’s details to show a source is “Not Provided” instead of being blank if a source document is not uploaded or designated for the issue
  • Fixed an issue where Debt payments that occur after the set Fiscal Year End are not ignored when calculating the outstanding balance in actual audit notes
  • Fixed a page loading issue caused by setting “Profile as of” beyond the final maturity date or by setting certain combinations of “Profile as of” and “End Date” in some cases of viewing splits
  • Implemented a denylist that prevents use of easy to guess passwords or those that have been previously exposed in a data breach.

February 16, 2022

Lease App Enhancements

We have enhanced the Lease app with many features from journal entry booking and bulk GL code management to improvements in usability.

  • Added a journal entry booking to recognize incentive and prepayment activity for Non-GASB 87 Lessor and Lessee leases
  • Added a journal entry booking for Lessor deposit amounts, and updated the journal entry for Lessor non-refundable deposits
  • Added the ability to view incentives and payments at commencement separately from those that occurred before commencement for Lessee and Lessor leases. Also added new accounts for Lease Incentive Expense and Lease Incentive Income to GL Settings.
  • Column headers for lessor lease schedules and exports now say ‘Receipts’ instead of ‘Payments’
  • Unallocated leases now show in bucket view and reflect the correct asset and liability schedule values
  • Removed column headers on the individual lease schedule tab when no data is available within the selected filters
  • Updated the row height on the Profiles tab to be consistent across org-owned and not owned profiles
  • Added lessee/lessor column to the export file on the Leases tab
  • Users can now bulk import and add duplicate GL Codes in GL Settings
  • Updated lease default restatement and implementation dates

February 9, 2022

Bulk Import and Edit General Ledger Codes

Bulk Import and Edit General Ledger Codes

We have enhanced the Lease app with the ability to bulk import and editing of GL codes. This makes setting up and editing GL codes easier and faster. You can still add and edit codes individually within each dimension in your profile. You can download a template which is pre-populated with your existing data, apply changes and then upload the template to apply these changes in bulk. Creating and editing GL codes can be done in the same template.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed actuals calculations in reporting notes that occurred when payments were prepaid
  • Updated Lease Schedule export to show Variable Payments Based on an Index
  • Fixed the Add Related Item dropdown list in Leases to populate from the correct profile
  • Removed the copyright disclaimer from the app as it was blocking access to navigation items
  • Added “Lessee or Lessor” filter and column to Lease components list
  • Fixed display issue in the debt service Split dropdown where totals overlapped with allocations in a long list making it difficult to read
  • Fixed issue affecting the visibility of assigned profiles

February 2, 2022

Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes

We have made various improvements to the Lease app:

  • Updated organization permissions to allow only users in organizations that own a profile to create and edit leases
  • Implemented a variety of small improvements to lease journal entries
  • Updated lease exports to replace special characters in Lease names with an underscore
  • Fixed an error that prevented leases from being imported into production and test environments
  • Type filter now reflects the correct lease types for Lessee and Lessor leases
  • Updated lease restatement and implementation date fields to default to the correct dates
  • Updated an alignment display issue in extension options container in Create/Edit lease form
  • Added the ability for users to add a combination of step payment increase types
  • Applied various infrastructure improvements for background jobs processing

January 26, 2022

Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes

  • Updated lease interest rates to accept up to 4 decimal points
  • Fixed issue where type filter on Lease Profile Summary page did not clear when changing Lessee/Lessor filter
  • Updated Total calculations in Schedule exports to show actual sums to two decimal points
  • Fixed issue where Notes were not visible from the Details cards in Schedule view
  • Removed visibility of (empty) Settings menu for Guest users

January 19, 2022

Manage documents, contacts, and users

Improved Document Management

We have enhanced how we process and manage documents which enables you to store and reference them in more productive ways.

  • Importing Files During Template Upload (Onboarding and Updates)
    In the onboarding and profile update processes, files referenced in debt and lease input templates will now be “imported” into our storage buckets and associated with client organizations. This will enable additional functionality and control over these assets within the application. Files can be referenced from an internal Google Drive share or a third party site like EMMA.
  • Attach Multiple Files to Debt and Lease Obligations
    Document storage has historically been confined to a single file associated with the Source Link. With this update, you have the ability to upload multiple files for a particular obligation and designate one as a source. You and your team can store anything related to an obligation all in one place—OS, transcripts, disclosures, rebate reports, etc—and be confident that you are referring to the same data as they are stored in the app.
  • Attach Supporting Documents to Payment Detail
    Clients typically have supporting documentation that is associated with payments like an invoice, wire cover sheet or some other authorization. With the addition of a Files card, you can now upload this documentation to keep all related files related to the payment grouped in this part of their workflow.

Manage Contacts Related to Lease Components

Profile owners can now create and update lease contacts without submitting requests to the implementation team. You can add and manage contacts that are associated with lease obligations using the UI on the Lease Component detail page. This functionality is currently in development for Debt and will be available shortly.

Domain Allow List for Organizations

We've introduced a new setting to improve the management controls and security of internal User and external Guest accounts. You can specify domains that must be used for User accounts (e.g. no personal Gmail accounts). Accounts not matching the allowed domain list may be added as Guests. This level of control ensures that all parties—whether internal to the Organization or supporting Guests like FAs, bond counsel, etc—have the appropriate level of access to the apps.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added Lease Internal Identifier to table and export file
  • Added pagination to lease profile dropdown
  • Fixed validation bug that occurs after change of Reasonably Certain field in Edit Lease
  • Fixed display of GL codes in lease export files when there are no dashes or spaces
  • Fixed display of Cancelable lease type in filter dropdown
  • Updated the lease implementation input template ingestion process
  • Fixed ability to save/update debt Reporting Origination Date
  • Fixed the display of range values of principal/interest amounts appearing in reporting notes
  • Removed visibility of Manage Guest Permissions page for users who don’t have permissions to manage guests
  • Fixed bug preventing Guest user access
  • Disabled X-Runtime headers to limit the amount of information an attacker may get from requests

January 12, 2022

Lease App Improvements and Fixes

  • Created the Type filter for Schedule pages to control the reporting view of multiple lease types
  • Updated Maximum Lease Term calculations to be based on Lessee and Lessor # of Options
  • Added Total Lease Term to show the lease term used in the schedule
  • Added the ability to bulk export leases and all of their input details
  • Balanced beginning journal entries by removing standalone entries for non-refundable deposits and increasing cash amounts by the amount of the non-refundable deposit

December 28, 2021

Manage profiles in order to create and manage leases post-implementation

We have added the self-service capability for Debt and Lease Admins to create, edit and share Profiles in your organization. This also gives you the ability to create and manage leases in the app post-implementation. Creating a new debt issue will later build upon this as well.

For example: If you are a county issuer you may have distinct Profiles for each city under management. You may assign lease obligations (and later, debt obligations) to Profiles. University systems may do the same with their respective universities or business purposes.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed display rendering errors and timeouts caused by specific date filter combinations
  • Added Lease Internal Identifier to Schedule views and the Overview tab of Lease Component details
  • Fixed display of default Cancelable Lease Term to show 12 months
  • Fixed display issue of lease components missing from Components dropdowns
  • Created journal entries for interest accrual of Business Type and Governmental Type Lessees and Lessors
  • Fixed allocations so they cannot exceed 100% when editing a lease
  • Updated the Lessor’s Termination Option Period label in the Lease Details export’s Termination Options list

December 22, 2021

Lease app Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed Lease Schedule detail view to continue through the full Underlying Asset Schedule instead of stopping at Lease End Date
  • Updated Account Titles for journal entries related to Lessee leases that are Short-Term, Cancelable and Regulated

December 16, 2021

Choose columns to view in Payments Reporting

You now have the ability to toggle which columns the app will display in the Payments Reporting summary page. We have also added Principal, Interest, and Other columns. No matter which columns you toggle in the app view, exports will contain all columns for consistency and clarity of reporting information.

Payments Reporting column picker

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added Profile navigation/selection to the Debt app to match the navigation style in use in the Leases app
  • Fixed issue where incorrect Profile as of date format interfered with calculation and display of Schedule view
  • Fixed the issue preventing a Favorite from being removed
  • Fixed issue where Lease GL codes were not displaying correctly in the GL export if they were defined without spaces or dashes between numbers

December 8, 2021

Lease schedule updates and account access history

Lease Schedule View Updates

Because there are several columns in Schedule view that only relate to Leases that are classified as "Lease" (type) within the application, most of the columns for Short-Term, Cancelable and Regulated lease types do not apply and will not have values. We have removed these extraneous columns when viewing those lease types. “Totals” will only contain values for leases with a “Lease” type as Short-Term, Cancelable and Regulated lease types do not have a Beginning Balance, Interest Expense, or Ending Balance columns.

Account Access History

You can now see your app login history in Privacy & Security. This enables you and your supporting IT organization to ensure only authorized users have accessed the DebtBook application.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added the Type badge next to the lease component name to reflect the dimension the user is viewing
  • Fixed issue where sorting in Profile Summary would reset the columns in view
  • Fixed issue where logged-in users who are removed from the Debt app could access it until manually reloading a page or logging out

December 2, 2021

Simplified Issue navigation and enhanced debt service views

View all Issues in a Profile

Profiles may have obligations that are expired, matured or in different states. Currently, the only way to see items like this is in Profile Summary by rolling back the Profile as of to see what issues existed in the Profile at a given point. The Issues summary page shows an unfiltered list of all obligations on your Profile.

Detailed Debt schedules for allocations

For Obligations with two or more allocation components, you can now view an Issue’s allocation summary in debt service details. Clicking on an Allocation navigates you to the debt service details for that specific component.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added journal entries in the Actual frequency export when an amount is specified in either of the Deposit or Non-Refundable Deposit lease details
  • Updated the Lease Dashboard to show Total Deferred Inflows of Resources as of Today
  • Enhanced the data validation of Lease input templates to further streamline and increase accuracy in the Lease implementation process
  • Added sorting to most columns on Profile Summary
  • Updated Schedule view to cooperate with an updated pagination method
  • Fixed an issue where Schedule view showed ** instead of the actual interest rate for issues that have As Is maturity tables
  • Fixed issue where updated GLs were not reflected in Debt payment reporting exports
  • Fixed issue where clicking a series on Favorites takes the user to a blank page
  • Fixed issue preventing users from disabling MFA or regenerating recovery codes
  • Fixed issue where Schedule view fails when selecting matching values for Profile as of and End Date

November 23, 2021

Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes

  • Updated the order in which Actual frequency journal entries for Lessor Leases are displayed
  • Added badges next to the lease component name to reflect the dimension (Fund, Purpose, Department and Custom) a user is viewing
  • Fixed the Totals field when viewing a lease split dropdown
  • Enhanced audit logging for Lease changes
  • Fixed issue where the default setting for Profile as of stopped being applied throughout the Debt app
  • Fixed a display issue where a long list of filters applied to Profile Summary overlapped
  • Fixed a display issue in Schedule view where the Total value for Rate displayed as “Total” instead of a null value

November 18, 2021

View leases in All Lease Components

We have added a listing page containing all lease components. From here, you can go directly to a component to view Lease details.

622ef29a50ce9f4c568e6db6_Screen Shot 2022-03-14 at 1.42.44 AM (1)
All Lease Components

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added option for “All” to Type and Status filters on the Leases/All Lease Components page
  • Updated display and flow of pages and actions containing Org Code by making it appear first to add consistency to the Lease app experience
  • Updated table alignment across the Lease app for improved readability
  • Updated error and empty state messages through the apps for more clarity
  • Fixed issue with Schedule view and exports where Accrued Interest was not included in journal entries on Monthly and Quarterly frequencies
  • Fixed issue when sorting in Lease Schedule details hid optional column selections
  • Fixed issue where Lease Schedules failed to display properly

November 12, 2021

Lease App Improvements and Fixes

  • Updated empty state messaging on the Lease Overview tab’s General Ledger Numbers card and the Edit GL Numbers page for more clarity
  • Fixed issue where Variable Payments and Variable Receipts columns were swapped in a Lease’s Lease Schedule detail

November 9, 2021

View Accrued Interest and Interest Expense in Bucket View flyouts

Due to space limitations, Accrued Interest and Interest Expense used to be available only in schedule exports. We have enhanced Bucket View so you can now view these details in the app. You can click a flyout to expand the schedule and see the additional Accrued Interest and Interest Expense columns. Clicking the flyout again collapses it and returns you to the default view.

Expanding and collapsing a flyout

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed browser Page Titles to reflect a user’s location in the Leases app
  • Added the Type column to Lease Profile Summary
  • Added sorting to Lease Profile Summary
  • Updated status icons and status order to bring consistency to Profile Summary, Schedules, and Create/Edit Lease pages
  • Updated bucket view details cards to show vendors, purchase options and lease end/termination dates beneath their titles
  • Updated the default Interest Basis selection to 30/360 in the Create/Edit Lease flow
  • Fixed the Lease Type dropdown to show the selected type in the Create/Edit Lease flow
  • Added tooltip content for Step Payment Increases on the Create/Edit Lease flow
  • Fixed issue causing specific selections of Lease types in bucket view to show as “All Types”
  • Fixed Dashboard issue causing Lease balances to include payments past the as of date
  • Updated column formatting in Lease bucket view and detail exports
  • Fixed issue causing false identification and removal of duplicates of the Purpose dimension on Leases with multiple allocations during the Lease implementation process
  • Fixed a typo in the Allocations tab of Issue detail exports
  • Fixed issue where dropdowns were hidden behind page elements in Refunding Opportunities

November 2, 2021

Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where beginning balances on profile summary did not align with lease detail schedule view balances on the same as of date
  • Added Initial Direct Cost to the first journal entry of applicable Business Type Leases
  • Updated Governmental type journal entries to show Cash / Lease Clearing as a credit instead of Initial Direct Cost as a Debit
  • Fixed issue causing values for Lease Liability and Lease Asset to be swapped when viewing expanded Split menu
  • Fixed issue where the Debit column in Lessor leases journal entry exports showed Beginning Balance values from the Deferred Inflow of Resources schedule rather than the Lease Revenue values
  • Fixed issue in Profile Summary that prevented it from displaying updated Dimension names
  • Fixed typos throughout the Lease app
  • Updated the Debt Payment Reporting index page to use the payment date as a link to the specific payment detail instead of using the Series ID

October 27, 2021

Leases: GASB 87 Compliance Coming Soon

We have implemented a significant amount of functionality that make up a launch candidate for our GASB 87 Lease app. We will start onboarding clients in the coming weeks.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Completely refactored Bucket View to improve performance for profiles of all sizes, especially very large ones with many components
  • Updated email notification preferences to give individual users the ability set email notifications for each profile that is available within their Organization
  • Updated Profile Summary export to provide both grouped and ungrouped data to allow for easier manipulation after export
  • Modified Journal Entry format to correlate entries with specific issues and corresponding dimension
  • Improved use of browser back button to navigate back to screens and modals
  • Implemented lazy loading to Reporting settings to better accommodate large profiles
  • Updated Allocations tab on issue detail and fixed navigation menu so it does not hang off the screen
  • Optimized interest calculations for debt service schedules
  • Updated profile switcher to show full name of organization unless it is extremely long
  • Fixed validation that prevented some profiles from being uploaded due to false positives caused by series modifications

October 7, 2021

Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes

  • Added several features and improvements to the upcoming Lease app
  • Fixed issue where large profiles attempting to retrieve Reporting Notes did not receive an email with an attachment nor an error message when the request timed out
  • Updated Reporting Notes credit type tabs to be listed in a numbered order to work around an issue caused by an excel limitation on overlapping tab names
  • Fixed issue in Profile Summary where selecting a single item resulted in the selection of multiple items

September 6, 2021

Debt Navigation and Setting Enhancements

Enhanced Profile Summary

We have made significant usability enhancements to Profile Summary to better handle profiles with more complexity and larger result sets. We give you more control over the results that are displayed for the selected dimension and how they’re presented. You can now view all issues grouped by their type, fund, purpose, or project along with the count of issues in each group. Selecting individual groupings, or all, presents an option to view the selected items or compare schedules. This separation allows you to create more specific summary views for analysis in the application or export. New filtering functionality enables you to limit the result set in real-time.

Customize default Profile as of setting

Admins can now set the default Profile as of date to align your Organization and Profiles with your fiscal year or any date you choose. Orienting all Organization users on a default, functional view of your obligations enables more intuitive reporting and analysis in the app.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed rate display for as-is schedules so they render correctly with Annual frequency
  • Improved handling of null values for rate so 0% is not shown in the application when a value is not present
  • Added validation for new edge cases involving payment tracking
  • Added more metadata to audit log export to provide more granular details on changes
  • Added several UI improvements to align with the upcoming release of Leases

August 5, 2021

Enhanced payment reporting with audit ready notes based upon actuals

Updated User Interface

Our user interface for reporting payments has been enhanced to allow us to add in new features and enhancements that are easy to use. You still access payment details through the payment listing as you did before this modification. The payment details will load in a full-screen menu with all of the same controls and elements that appeared in the pop-up window. The orientation is now left-to-right versus top-to-bottom. The image below is a preview of what you'll see as you work through your reporting.

Payment Reporting Details

Reporting Notes Generation Using Actuals
For clients who verify and record payments through the reporting function in DebtBook. The application now automatically produces adjusted Reporting Notes that reflect actual payments compared to the scheduled payments in the debt profile. This is especially valuable for organizations that make additional principal payments or make payments in advance. The updated notes format will now also show additional detail like Interest Paid and Accrued Interest for your reporting period.

610d5a3bf4bdc09fec6872de_audit_notes_actuals (1) (1)

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added ability for users with 2-Factor authentication to generate a new recovery code
  • Improved bucket view presentation of splits that have matured so they do not appear and updated Final Maturity to reflect split end date instead of final maturity of the obligation
  • Added ability to export audit log
  • Fixed presentation of Rate in exports for maturities that have multiple rates in the same period

June 29, 2021

‍Adjust visibility of Milestone types to highlight events that are in focus for your team

You can view milestones for Payments, Call Dates, Continuing Disclosure, Arbitrage Rebate and Other types by default in DebtBook from the Dashboard or Issue Overview tab on issue detail. These items can now be controlled using Milestone Settings found in your Admin area. You have the ability to remove any type entirely, or control visibility for the Dashboard or Issue detail page. This will be especially valuable when custom milestones are released soon.

June 29, 2021

Set fund balances to create accurate reporting notes for year-end

Payment reporting settings are foundational to producing audit notes using “actual” reporting from your DebtBook profile. You will provide a reporting origination date that aligns to a recent fiscal year end, and input your fund balances for your issues as of that date. This will enable us to accurately produce audit notes with up-to-date balances that reflect all of your payment activity reported in DebtBook.  

Improvements and Fixes

  • Updated top navigation with new focus states to improve accessibility and provide better context within the application
  • Added Download link to listing of Reporting Notes to eliminate a step in downloading the export
  • Removed Manage Members from profile settings dropdown to avoid confusion
  • Updated bucket view presentation for splits that matured or expired so empty tables do not display
  • Improved keyboard focus and number entry when editing allocation table fields
  • Improved performance of Reporting Payments listing to ensure pages are not skipped when user scrolls fast
  • Fixed issue preventing user from select their state on the Organization Profile page
  • Fixed alignment of email notifications page
  • Fixed the “last changed” date showing password aging
  • Fixed error that appeared when creating a spread group and removing it quickly

May 18, 2021

Improved presentation of several elements throughout the application and resolved minor issues

  • Improved formatting and presenting of Debt Service Detail export
  • Improved presentation of email notifications to render better across a variety of different email clients
  • Fixed issue that affects individual issue selection on staging
  • Modified component interface that allows that same components to be used on Profile Summary for Debt and Leases
  • Adjusted split modal positioning so it was not covered by the bottom page of the page when showing split on the issue at bottom of the table
  • Fixed access issue for Guests that hid link to view Reporting Notes
  • Added labels to doughnut/pie chart types to show % for each part without having to rollover
  • Fixed chart downloads so any items that deselected do not get included in the image file download

April 28, 2021

Miscellaneous Improvements

Improvements and Fixes

  • Updated UI for Reporting Notes to match styles and use familiar components from other parts of the app
  • Fixed positioning of Split modal window so it is not covered by bottom of page when viewing an issue located in the bottom of the summary table

GL Issues #723, #709, #732, #730

April 22, 2021

Use email notifications to receive reminders about key dates or reminders in advance

Great debt management requires knowing about key events before they happen, so that you have the time to prepare. Users can elect to receive email notifications informing them of key dates or milestones in advance. Each user can specify the different types of notifications they would like to receive and select timing that meets their specific preferences.

6093d21fb59ac775c9b33889_email_notifications_settings (1)
Email Notification Settings

Improvements and Fixes

  • Updated color palette to better conform with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1 Level A/AA)
  • Adjusted timing for new account invitations to last 48 hours vs. 12 hours
  • Improved performance of bucket view for large profiles
  • Updated UI style and patterns for Managing Guests to match other parts of the application

February 19, 2021

Create a Favorites workspace to save charts and issues for reference later or to share with your team

Charts can now be added to the Favorites workspace so you can save your work and refer back to them at any time. We've added the ability to expose your Favorites to other team members for easy access and collaboration. This enables you to effectively create a dashboard that is visible to other team members. You can control access and visibility to your workspace using your account settings.

6093db999d01b73f96786779_favorites_workspace (1)
Favorites workspace with charts and issues.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed issue with Debt Service Requirements table in Reporting Notes that occurred when payments were on last day of fiscal year (#672)
  • Fixed issue that prevented guest users to be re-added after an admin removes them from system (#534)
  • Added Mailchimp integration that updates as users are added/removed (#652)

February 10, 2021

Manipulate your debt service schedules using an End Date to create new views

With the addition of an End Date field, you’ll now have more control over how you manipulate data throughout DebtBook and the views that you can create. By default, we show all debt service details from the Profile as of date through the last payment date for the Series you select. You can look at more specific time slices by simply setting the End Date to a specific point in time to limit or expand your time horizon. The presentation will update automatically and any exported data will automatically inherit this setting.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Improved presentation of Profile Summary Export (#544)
  • Fixed error that occurred with automatic debt service calculation when Dated Date falls on last day of month (#650)
  • Added notifications to browser when settings are updated or modified (#542)
  • Update Reporting Notes export to eliminate a circular reference error that occurred when there was no data to show (#651)
  • Removed signed links from exports (#632)
  • Improved performance of front-end rendering and display issues on older browsers (#613)
  • Updated title on Profile Security page (#636)
  • Updated our new address on all footers (#641)
  • Added new symbols to acceptable password character list (#638)
  • Updated URL signing controls for all pdfs (#626)

January 25, 2021

Protecting your account with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

We’ve added support for two-factor authentication (2FA) to provide an additional layer of security for your account to ensure that you're the only person able to gain access, even if someone knows or tries to guess your password. In this age of phishing attacks and data breaches, relying on a login password alone does not guarantee security. No matter how strong or complex your primary password might be, your account stands the risk of a breach if your password happens to fall into the wrong hands.

With two-factor authentication, your DebtBook account can only be accessed on devices you trust. When you want to sign in, you'll need to provide two pieces of information—your password and a temporary passcode known as a time-based one-time password (TOTP) that is generated by an authenticator app. By entering the code, you're verifying that you have access to a trusted device.

6010f4ec0d67db20db07fdd0_Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 1.39.01 PM (1) (1)

DebtBook is compatible with popular authenticator apps that are widely used like Google Authenticator, Authy, and Microsoft Authenticator. You may use other apps not listed here. Enabling two-factor Authentication is completely optional. But, from a security standpoint, it is highly recommended. The security benefits of 2FA far outweigh the minor inconvenience of having to authenticate through two successive stages.

Administrators have the ability to require two-factor authentication for their entire organization. This optional setting allows for teams to easily comply with IT policies and recommendations. 

Improvements and Fixes

  • Improved UI presentation to leverage full-width of browser window across browsers (#624)
  • Update Forgot Password formatting (#611)
  • Added pagination to Upcoming Payments display on Dashboard (#587)
  • Synchronized debt outstanding amount shown on Dashboard with Profile Summary so it’s reflective of payments made when they on the same date as today (#629)  
  • Fixed issue with chart legend toggling unexpectedly when dates were changed after making a selection (#637)
  • Fixed Reporting Notes to ensure issues with Dated Date outside of fiscal year are not included in export (#616)


  • Modified session handling and cookie storage (#594)
  • Added Subresource Integrity (SRI) verification for scripts hosted on content deliver networks (#581)
  • Added Network Error Logging (NEL) header to enable browsers to log network requests (#591)
  • Added support for mitigating brute force password attacks (#596)

December 30, 2020

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Added accrued interest and interest expense calculations to exports from bucket view
  • Added ability to expand and collapse row groupings in Profile Summary
  • Added notifications to show progress or status of chart downloads
  • Added new security settings to account administration in preparation for upcoming 2FA deployment
  • Fixed presentation issues that occur in a split summary and reporting when an issue is split and some parts have no values
  • Updated input template to better handle Conduit Issuers and different naming conventions
  • Updated UI layout throughout the application to improve responsiveness across all device widths
  • Removed unused fields from database tables
  • Removed menu links from app administration area

December 17, 2020

Accrued Interest

View accrued interest and interest expense balances in your debt service detail view using any profile “as of” date and frequency you choose to assist with accounting for monthly and year-end closing processes. Interest account balances and associated journal entries can be exported into Excel as part of the detail view export. If you do not see this data in your profile, please contact our Customer Success team.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Updated the Content Security Policy to accommodate Intercom features


  • Removed ability for users that are assigned the Viewer role to add Guest users to the account

December 10, 2020

Multi-Issue Charts


Automatically generate charts and graphs for any selected issues or your entire debt profile to analyze your data visually. You now have the option to change the beginning date, end date and frequency you display in the charts so that you can see exactly the data set that you want presented in several unique chart styles. All charts and graphs can be downloaded in a format that can be included in presentations or distributed via email as an attachment.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added profile selector to the Reporting Payments page to enable you to easily filter out payments that don’t match your selection. Search and Export will limit results based upon your selected profile or show all. (#539)
  • Revised design, layout and structure of account profile screens to accommodate future deployment of two-factor authentication (#537)
  • Updated user notifications in account administration area to highlight when action is completed (#572)
  • Updated format for Summary by Type excel export (#543)  
  • Updated Dashboard presentation in preparation for Milestones (#583)


  • Addressed potential vulnerability that could lead to an XSS attack (#588)
  • Updated content security policy header for better browser compatibility and enforcement (#585)
  • Added new security check on backend to better enforce profile sharing controls (#592)
  • Modified Forgot Password to prevent account enumeration (#589)
  • Updated Organization Profile to limit ability for user to enter unsecured URLs (#593)

November 17, 2020

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Updated Reporting Notes export with additional data and formatting to closely align to GASB 88 standards. As part of this update, we added a new roll-forward table that shows all issues by fund.
  • Payment details can now be exported for printing or electronic distribution.
  • Updated the Profile Summary table presentation to include the Project column when present. If the profile has a different label in use for this dimension, the column heading will reflect that.
  • User Notes will no longer be shown in the Profile Summary so we can better utilize the space for presenting other data. If a note exists, an icon will appear to indicate a note related to the issue.
  • Updated input template to v13 with new fields and structure.


  • Adjusted timing on nightly job schedules to work around AWS maintenance windows


  • Added Content Security Policy header to control resources that may be loaded by the browser  

October 28, 2020

Performance Enhancements

  • Added loader animation to Dashboard to indicate progress of profile switching for accounts that have multiple profiles assigned
  • Added ability for system admin to set default profile for accounts that have multiple profiles assigned
  • Added rollover state to Mixed value in Profile Summary table to reveal additional details related to Type, Fund, Purpose or Project
  • Fixed the way profile loader handles maturities with overlapping fund, purpose and project names
  • Updated key software package versions
  • Fixed error that occurred when attempting to export summary of split issues
  • Improved performance of fetching split info for issues
  • Prepared for 2FA markup

GL Issues #550, #526, #516, #555, #553, #551, #531, #538, #523


  • Added header for Strict-Transport-Security (HSTS) to further enforce use of HTTPS

October 21, 2020

Using multiple profiles to organize debt obligations

Organizations can now organize or separate debt obligations into different profiles. You can view the profiles assigned to an account by clicking the profile selector on the Dashboard screen or clicking the Profiles item in the navigation to view a complete listing. (#525)

Improvements and Fixes

  • Ordered split count list in alphabetical order (#528)
  • Added series description to split summary view to show the type/description for the selected issue (#529)
  • Modified alignment of Total row in split count modal (#532)
  • Fixed issue that caused account invite to be sent to user when unchecking the Send Invite checkbox (#521)
  • Fixed bug preventing the display of API documentation (#490)
  • New system administrator functionality for viewing and managing members and guests associated with an organization (#493)
  • Updated error messages to more clearly indicate an issue if a problem occurs with exporting a file (#516)
  • Improved presentation of Favorite listing to address display issues that occurred when adding or removing items (#511)
  • Improved presentation markup for Create Note screen (#456)
  • Fixed minor error caused by retrieving info for split counts (#531)


  • Disabled support for TLS 1.1 and required 1.2 (#524)
  • Added a new set of special characters that may be used for stronger password creation (#519)

October 6, 2020

Split Counts


DebtBook now shows the total number of ways a debt obligation is split or bifurcated along with detailed information about each split like the percentage amount and description. You can view the split counts inline while you’re browsing through the app and navigate to a summary view of the whole issue or go directly to a detailed presentation of the split portion.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed error with Reporting Notes export where reductions did not appear in the roll-forward table when a new issue was added during the specified reporting period (#520)
  • Enabled Reporting Notes export generation with or without activity types to be specified (#518)
  • Added new session timeout to minimize the time or likelihood that someone may hijack an existing user session (#491)

September 18, 2020

Bug fixes

  • Updated date filters for Upcoming Payments on Dashboard and Reporting Date Range to include present day in range (#508)
  • Fixed display issue for Guests that accessing bucket view with Reporting permission turned on (#512)
  • Fixed styling on Scenario Analysis button in Refund mode (#517)

September 17, 2020

Show debt allocations by Project

Implemented a fourth way to split debt allocations to provide you with the ability to view by project. Issuers may customize the label for this dimension if there is a more appropriate or preferable term than Project that better describes the activities of their organization, like Campus or Facility for a university. (#466/507)

Improvements and Fixes

  • Improved performance of excel exports and implemented web sockets throughout the app to better handle exports with large amounts of data. Also, updated styling of in-app notices. (#464)
  • Updated format for bucket view debt service excel export to enhance presentation and be more user-friendly (#477)
  • Added ability to export Reporting Payments data (#415)
  • Created new Manager role for app admins (#492)
  • Removed activity issue column (#439)  
  • Updated source maps to be browser friendly (#470)
  • Added delete confirmation for Notes to Financial Statements (#453)
  • Added a constraint so Notes to Financial Statements are named uniquely (#451)
  • Added additional information to page titles to help users better organize their bookmarks (and provide Intercom with a more accurate view of user activity) (#487)(#404)
  • Implemented fix to preserve Profile as of date through various refunding opportunity screens (#484)
  • Update copy for shared profile email (#498)
  • Added new fields from input template to Admin area (#478)
  • Added redirect to 404 page when issuer profile is not found (#324)
  • Converted Notes to Financial Statements export to use formulas so edits will automatically update totals (#447)
  • Updated the scope of User Notes so all internal members of the organization have visibility (#494)
  • Fixed typos in Notes to Financial Statements (#505)

August 17, 2020

Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes

  • Updated Suggest callouts on the Dashboard to inform people about Reporting Payments and provide a link to learn more.
  • Fixed scrolling behavior on Reporting Payments page so it does not stick.
  • Modified label that appears in History section of payment details after user verifies payment. It was showing Approved and now matches action to show Verified.
  • Updated input parser to improve handling of large issuers. Profiles can now consist of multiple parts and no longer need to be merged.

August 12, 2020

Payment reporting and audit notes for year-end

Reporting Payments
View all payments due for each of your obligations, verify amounts against received invoices and confirm payments are made with your accounts payable team with the ability to view history and any notes associated with a particular payment. Save time at year end by sharing access with your accounts for audit. All data is exportable to excel.

Audit Notes
Automatically generate notes to the financial statements for your fiscal year end (or any period you specify) and download in Excel for further edits or copy/paste.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Updated Profile Summary with wedges to highlight special characteristics related to issues
  • Added additional column to Profile Summary table to view Type, Fund or Purpose for each issue depending upon your Type, Fund, Purpose selection
  • Updated buttons, headers and menus to simplify process for adding Guest users to an organization’s account
  • View and download charts representing outstanding principal and interest for individual issues
  • Added Viewer role for organizations to allow Admins to limit user’s ability to modify data
  • Fixed issue related to displaying a large number of issues in bucket view and
  • Added new multi-level Issues menu navigation to enable user to travers debt profile by going to various views of Type, Fund or Purpose without having to return to Profile Summary
  • Adjusted debt service schedule calculations to handle new interest basis like 30E3/360 and payments that occur on the last day of any/all months
  • Adjusted debt service schedule generation to account for bifurcations with different payment dates
  • Fixed issue with rounding Outstanding Par Amount on Profile Summary to ensure consistency with other areas where amounts are rounded