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Higher Education

Meet the Challenge of Doing More with Less

Balancing the demand for better facilities with student affordability is a difficult task, especially when it comes to managing debt and leases. DebtBook delivers the tools your team needs to create schedules, track debt, manage leases, and meet accounting standards with ease.

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Your Partner in Resource Management

Whether you need to untangle complex accounting standards, manage a large lease portfolio, or even present coherent, actionable information to the board, DebtBook offers tools to drive your team’s mission and bring strategic vision to life.

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A Financial Management System That Speaks Your Language

From centralizing information and managing complex leases to breaking down silos and maintaining compliance, DebtBook offers more clarity into all of the financial challenges faced by higher education organizations.

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Peerless Finance Tracking Tools

Get everyone on the same page with best-in-class debt and lease tracking. Keep on top of schedules with automated reminders, eliminate spreadsheet-related bottlenecks, and enjoy better visibility across your entire organization.


Always-Up-to-Date Accounting Standards

Keeping up with today’s evolving accounting standards can take countless work hours every year. Let DebtBook take care of compliance, so you can save time, money, and stress while focusing on more pressing tasks.


Collaboration You Can Count On

DebtBook gives your finance teams access to the cloud-based data solution they need to create and deliver accurate reports that impress a wide range of stakeholders and make it easy to reach consensus.

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