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The 6 Best Accounting Podcasts for Public Finance Professionals

Accountants are often considered the backbone of the finance industry, and these professionals must stay up to date on any changing practices, tax laws, and regulations. Fortunately, there are many informative podcasts that address these topics along with other important accounting-related subjects.

Let’s take a look at some well-known accounting podcasts that can help you stay current on the industry:

What Are the Best Accounting Podcasts You Should be Listening To? 

Whether you're interested in expanding your knowledge of accounting and finance or concerned with staying informed about economic developments, accounting podcasts can be the answer. Some of the best accounting podcasts cover relevant issues such as the ongoing accounting talent shortage, financial issues in the government and public sector, and the importance of building a competent accounting workforce. Here are a few of the best accounting podcasts that are worth a listen:


1. Government & Public Sector Podcast

A leading national accounting, advisory, and tax firm, Cherry Bekaert’s Government & Public Sector podcast focuses on the rapidly changing accounting landscape. Pushed by technological advancements, shifting regulatory requirements, competitive marketplaces, and high consumer expectations, this podcast explains why accounting departments across the U.S. must quickly adapt and embrace new tools, technology, processes, and mindsets. 


2. The Accounting Podcast 

Touting itself as the world's No. 1 accounting, bookkeeping, and tax podcast, The Accounting Podcast includes a weekly roundup of accounting-related news, analyses, and interviews. Hosted by CPA Blake Oliver, this podcast covers important topics such as recession risks, AI, CPA rates, IRS audits, accounting fraud, the accounting talent shortage, and more.


“Blake and David do a great job each week giving a quick rundown of the latest headlines in accounting. If you’re trying to keep up with the latest trends and stories in accounting this podcast is a must!”

— Jackson Pace, CPA


3. Technology Lab Podcast

Hosted by technologists Randy Johnston and Brian Tankersley, CPA, the Technology Lab Podcast explores topics such as client data security, future AI developments, audit technology, the liabilities of outsourcing tax or accounting tasks, and more. CPA Practice Advisor’s weekly podcast also regularly features a guest who’s well-versed in the finance and technology industries.


4. The Journal of Accountancy Podcast

Sponsored by the AICPA, this podcast discusses topics such as the importance of risk management, how to create a more streamlined work environment, career challenges faced by high performers, tips for building a strong team, and more. This podcast releases three to four episodes per month and has a quick runtime of less than 30 minutes, making it ideal for those who are short on time.


5. Accounting Today Podcast

This podcast features insightful and in-depth discussions related to the finance and accounting industries. From technology-driven changes and AI to the value of disruption and tips for growing your accounting firm, the Accounting Today podcast features regular guests who cover breaking financial news and the impact of certain events on the fiscal world. 


6. SBO Perspectives

Featuring conversations with school business officials and industry experts, this weekly podcast focuses on the highlights and challenges of the public education sector. This particular episode features Kasey Harris, DebtBook's Vice President of Accounting Product and Enablement, who discusses the implications of GASB 96 with Brian Petersen and Melissa Szot from PKF O’Connor Davies.

Free Finance Resource: Incremental Borrowing Rate Template

Now that you’ve learned about some of the best accounting podcasts, check out this free downloadable template from DebtBook about the incremental borrowing rate (IBR). When reporting your GASB 87 leases or GASB 96 SBITAs, the standards require an IBR to be calculated for each agreement.

Incremental Borrowing Rate Template

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