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Employee Spotlight: Chris Hendrix

Chris Hendrix joined the Debtbook team in May 2023 as Vice President of Sales. He brings a wealth of software industry knowledge from a wide range of verticals to the organization. As a transformational leader and experienced team builder, Chris embraces collaboration and problem-solving to drive greater consistency and growth within his sales team. We’re excited to have him join the Executive Leadership team here at DebtBook!

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Continue reading for a Q&A with our new sales leader!


Q: Tell us about your role here at DebtBook. 

A: I have the privilege of leading the Sales organization. Our team is focused on driving new sales, cross/upsells, and partnership opportunities here at DebtBook. 


Q: What attracted you to DebtBook?

A: It was two things. First, the people. DebtBook has such a strong and thoughtful group of subject matter experts focused on solving the challenges facing finance and accounting professionals in local government, higher education, etc. Second, the opportunity that DebtBook has to provide unparalleled software and services to the underserved public finance market. 


Q: How do you motivate yourself?

A: My family, coffee, and a strong belief that we can always be better today than we were yesterday. 


Q: What did you want to be when you grew up? 

A: An astronaut. “Why,” you ask? I’m a super sci-fi nerd. I got my first telescope at age 5 and love the movie Apollo 13.


Q: What’s your favorite thing about running a sales department? 

A: I love coaching people and problem-solving. It’s rewarding to watch people grow in their careers. I enjoy collaborating with different personalities and seeing their approach to solving problems. Buying habits are always changing and we must always be forward-thinking and adapt to keep up. 


Q: Is there a book or podcast you recommend to sales professionals? 

A: Yes, I’m a big fan of Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Partick Lencioni.  The concepts of understanding who your team is and how to really show up and effectively engage in open and honest conversations really resonated with me. 

These books helped me understand how to think about problem-solving as a team – leave your ego at the door, don’t use excuses, and don’t point fingers. Instead, approach challenges from the perspective of “how can we solve this together?” I think this is extremely important in any sales organization or leadership team. Both are great reads.

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