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Airports & Seaports

Financial Organization that Goes the Extra Mile

Airports and seaports face a number of unique financing challenges, but nothing makes these challenges easier to face than DebtBook. It centralizes your information, automates reporting and compliance, and modernizes collaboration between internal and external teams.

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Municipal debt management and GASB software for airports

Debt & Lease Management for a Modern Age

You have more important things to do than manage debt and leases. DebtBook centralizes information, automates reporting and journal entry creation, and makes sharing information with external partners easy, leaving you with more time for valuable, forward-thinking work.

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Make Everyone’s Jobs Easier

From long-term planning to debt and treasury management to accounts payable, budgeting, and financial reporting, DebtBook delivers everything you need to simplify airport debt and lease management.

Automated reporting for airports and seaports

Ditch the Spreadsheets and Calendars

Stop wasting time on spreadsheets and calendars. When you centralize your information in DebtBook, you get the power of consolidated reminders and automated reporting, freeing up both your time and your energy for more important work.

GASB 87 and GASB 96 airport compliance

Fully Automated Compliance

Most airports and seaports manage dozens, if not hundreds of leases. With modern accounting standards, this can turn into tons of paperwork and compliance anxiety. DebtBook completely automates reporting and compliance, giving you back time to do more important things.

Airports can collaborate with internal and external finance teams

Stay Focused and Productive

Keep internal teams and external partners all on the same page with DebtBook’s cloud-based design. Decentralize your information and get better control over who can access it, improving collaboration and allowing everyone to work from the same data more efficiently than ever.

See DebtBook in Action
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Ready to see what DebtBook can do for you? Let’s set up a personal 30-minute demo. We’ll walk you through every aspect of DebtBook, so you can see how we’re changing the game for organizations like yours.

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