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Martin Feinstein

Martin Feinstein

Managing Director, Finance Product & Enablement

Martin Feinstein entered the Public Finance field in 1980 as a computer programmer at First Boston Corporation. In 1995, Mr. Feinstein joined Smith Barney (later to merge with Citi) where he became a director and headed the Finance Structuring Group within the Public Finance Department. Mr. Feinstein had three main responsibilities throughout his career: (1) working with municipalities to help them create financing plans and execute those plans to finance their project needs, (2) create user friendly Excel models for municipal authorities to allow them to analyze their own financial needs, (3) train and develop Public Finance (and some Corporate Finance) staff in the math of financial structuring and the execution of financing transactions. Mr. Feinstein also worked for Global Financial Markets Institute as a consultant responsible for training clients in general Public Finance knowledge or Excel cash flow modeling. In April 2020, Mr. Feinstein joined DebtBook to help the team design and build user-friendly internal models to speed data entry of client information and train staff in general Public Finance knowledge. Mr. Feinstein graduated from the State University of New York at Albany with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science/Applied Mathematics.

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