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DebtBook Featured on the SBO Perspectives Podcast

DebtBook's VP of Accounting Product & Enablement, Kasey Harris, recently joined the SBO Perspectives podcast to discuss GASB 96 along with Brian Petersen and Melissa Szot from PKF O’Connor Davies.

Hosted by Jack R. Mitchell and John J. Brucato, SBO Perspectives is a brief, weekly conversation about the insights, highlights, and challenges of public education as told by school business officials and industry experts.

Listen to the episode here: GASB 96: Take a “Byte” out of SBITA

Episode Description: Just when you thought it was over, the GASB fun continues! GASB 96 is right around the corner so don’t be caught waiting until the last minute! Get a head start on what to expect with our guests, Brian Petersen and Melissa Szot from PKF O’Connor Davies and Kasey Harris from DebtBook as they walk us through the similarities and differences to GASB 87 and how to best prepare for another round of GASB compliance!