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The New Standard in Debt & Lease Management

Track debt, schedule payments, manage leases, prepare reports, ensure compliance, and collaborate efficiently, all inside DebtBook—the all-in-one financial tool that understands the needs of healthcare organizations.

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A Financial Service that Understands Your Needs

Instead of juggling dozens of spreadsheets, DebtBook lets you centralize your data in a single collaborative environment that handles everything from scheduling payments to preparing year-end notes, making operations more sustainable.

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Get the Tools You Deserve

When it comes to managing debt and lease, DebtBook offers the tools your team needs to simplify compliance, manage your debt and lease portfolios, and encourage collaboration.


Cut Out the Complexity

Most healthcare organizations grow into their debt obligations and leases slowly, steadily amassing multiple spreadsheets and data across multiple applications. DebtBook lets you manage all of your debt and leases from origination to final payment in a single consolidated application.


Tools for the Entire Team

From staying on top of deadlines to running reports, the organizational power for DebtBook is second to none. Gain insight into your capital resources, save time during audits, and increase your overall efficiency with DebtBook.


The Collaborative Environment You Need

DebtBook’s cloud-based environment lets you keep internal teams, remote workers, outside partners, and even stakeholders on the same page. Effortless communication and instant access to up-to-date information make it easy to seek out creative solutions to serious challenges.

See DebtBook in Action
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