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Talent Development and Succession Planning with Maureen Joyce

Where Public Finance Works

Episode 6 Show Notes

“I saw the entire organization say, ‘okay, this is OUR problem. This is what we’re going to do.’ That’s real leadership and teamwork. Everyone’s in it together trying to solve the collective problem.”

- Maureen Joyce, City Auditor for the City of Boston

Episode Summary

In this episode of Where Public Finance Works, we explore the inspiring career of Maureen Joyce, whose roots run deep within the city of Boston. With a family legacy in accounting and a personal journey that was shaped by higher education finance, Maureen's narrative intertwines with the growth of prestigious institutions and the city itself.

Join our host, Tyler Traudt, as he guides us through Maureen's contributions to Northeastern University, where she pioneered the Internal Audit department and later, the Accounting department, marking her pivotal role in the university's expansion. Her story is one of mentorship and innovation, highlighted by the Cooperative Education (Co-op) program that has groomed generations of finance professionals. 

Maureen discusses her latest chapter as the City Auditor of Boston where she shares her vision for government finance, emphasizing the need for innovative practices, technological advancements, and the hiring of new talent within the public sector. Her proactive approach to recruitment and her passion for nurturing new professionals shows that the sustainability of public finance hinges on the fresh perspectives, energy, and innovative capabilities of the next generation.

Maureen's advice to young professionals and her outlook on the challenges ahead offer invaluable insights for anyone interested in public finance.

“Stay curious…If you don't understand something, go try and figure it out. If you can't figure it out, find somebody who understands it. If you go through that for each piece you don't understand, you're going to be the most knowledgeable person here.” - Maureen Joyce, City Auditor for Boston, MA


Featured Guest

Maureen Joyce is the City Auditor for the City of Boston. In her capacity as Boston's Auditor, Maureen acts as the cornerstone of fiscal oversight for the city, serving as the Comptroller and vital nexus between Boston and its Audit Committee, as well as the external auditors. 

Maureen's influence extends into the academic realm, where she has been a consultant to various colleges and universities in the Greater Boston Area for nearly nine years. Her previous positions include a tenure as Chief Financial Officer at the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, a pivotal role as a Senior Financial Analyst in Special Projects at Emmanuel College, Director of Sponsored Program Administration at Northeastern University, and a strategic period as Vice President for Finance and Administration, Treasurer at Ave Maria University in Florida.

Top Takeaways From Episode Six

1. Leadership and innovation in educational finance: Maureen chronicles her important role in the financial growth of Northeastern University, sharing how she spearheaded the creation of its Internal Audit and Accounting departments. Her journey shows the transformative power of leadership and innovation in educational finance, showcasing the growth of her career alongside the institution’s expansion.

2. Mentorship and the Co-op legacy: The episode takes a look at Maureen’s commitment to experiential learning through the Co-op program, highlighting her influence in nurturing the next generation of finance professionals. She recounts the rewarding experience of guiding students and young managers, cementing her legacy as a mentor who has left an invaluable mark on the lives and careers of young finance professionals.

3. The future of public finance and leadership in city governance: In her recent role as City Auditor of Boston, Maureen shares the importance of progressive leadership and the adoption of technology to streamline operations in government finance. She emphasizes the critical need for attracting young talent to public finance, advocating for initiatives that introduce students to government work through Co-op programs and internships. 

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