Release Notes

Release Notes

July 27, 2022

Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed issue where user-uploaded documents were attributed as uploaded by System instead of the user. Documents uploaded July 7-26, 2022 are impacted.
  • Fixed issue on Contacts where users could not view contacts associated with Profiles not owned by their Organization

  • Added the ability to export Maturity Details "as of" a specified date so users can limit reporting to outstanding obligations or other date range
  • Removed inapplicable “Total” values from Accrued Interest and Interest Expense columns in bucket view flyouts
  • Fixed issue where series with bifurcations could not be expanded into detail views
  • Fixed issue where disabled ‘Milestones’ access blocked Guests from accessing any Issue’s Overview tab. Guests without the Milestones permission may now see the Overview tab with the Milestones chart hidden.

  • Added a 'Triannual' Payment Frequency option for lease components where payments are made three times a year
  • Added tooltips throughout the Create/Edit Lease form to enable better self-service
  • Added validation to the Create/Edit Lease form to prevent users from saving after deleting all lease components
  • Updated lease schedule exports to include columns for Accrued Interest and Interest Expense/Income Balance
  • Updated the "Payable From" column header to "Payable To" for the chart within the "Lease - Lessor Footnote" tab of the Audit Note export
  • Fixed issue where changing a lease type from Material to Immaterial or vice versa caused a broken lease schedule
  • Fixed issue where navigating from Compare All Schedules to any lease component cleared the End Date filter
  • Fixed issue in the Contacts export where archived lease components were added to contacts' Assigned components count