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Modern treasury and accounting software

We help state and local government, higher education, healthcare, and others go from operational overload to strategic leadership.


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Elevate Your Team with DebtBook

DebtBook makes your job easy, whether it’s running reports, complying with the latest accounting standards, setting reminders, or collaborating with the rest of the team. It’s the all-in-one tool you never knew you needed.


Full Confidence Reporting in Seconds

Building even the simplest reports needed to stay on top of your debt and leases can be tedious and pull you away from more important work. With DebtBook, you can generate accurate, insightful reports and charts in just a few clicks.


Comply Without the Complications

Worried about changing accounting standards? Don’t be! DebtBook offers your team a new level of confidence, automatically keeping you compliant with the latest standards, all with little effort.


Get Real Peace of Mind

DebtBook mitigates risk with email reminders and alerts to meet all your compliance deadlines. And you can rest easy knowing your data is safe and secure from cyberattacks.

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Complete Debt, Lease, & Subscription Management Tool

DebtBook puts unrivaled debt, lease, and subscription management tools in a single collaborative environment—made specifically for organizations like yours.

Accomplish More with Effective Debt Management Tools

DebtBook’s debt management lets you automate tasks, increase accuracy, collaborate easily, ditch unruly spreadsheets, and more.

Achieve Compliance with Streamlined Lease Management

Consolidate your lease information, control payments, organize your leases, and comply with GASB 87 and other accounting standards with DebtBook.

Simplify GASB 96 Compliance with Subscription Management

With DebtBook you have one place to organize your subscription-based IT arrangements (SBITAs), create your schedules, and more.


Modernize How You Deal with Debt, Leases, & Subscriptions

The difference is in the details. DebtBook’s power and convenience make it a can’t-live-without tool for efficient daily debt and lease management.


Streamline Debt, Lease, & Subscription Management

Get complete debt, lease, and subscription management tools all in an intuitive single-solution application with DebtBook.


Prepare Standards-Compliant Reports with a Click

DebtBook makes it easy to stay ahead of audits with automated end-of-year report and journal preparation—all with a single click!


Collaborate Across Your Organization with Ease

Get your entire financial team—internal and external partners—all working from the same secure, centralized source of data for maximum efficiency.


Ditch the Spreadsheets

Say goodbye to juggling multiple spreadsheets and incomplete software solutions, and embrace an all-in-one workflow that works for the whole team.


See What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

It’s given us so much more information in less time than ever before. DebtBook has definitely made managing our debt easier, more efficient, and more streamlined.

Paula Parker

Director of Finance, Town of Brighton, NY

We successfully implemented GASB 87 and got a clean opinion on our ACFR financial reports. Thank you and your team for your incredible assistance, especially the white glove service.

Rich Sensenbrenner

Asst. Accounting Director, City of Philadelphia, PA

With a system as easy to use as DebtBook, I can feel confident giving my auditor access, knowing they will get the information they need, without needing my assistance or waiting on a response from me.

Matt McDonald

Finance Manager, City of Vista, CA

Going from week to just a few clicks—that’s a significant improvement for us. In the past, to prepare debt schedules, it was a process of three to four weeks. With DebtBook, it’s literally just a matter of selecting the fiscal year and downloading the information.

Kevin Bueso

Chief Financial Officer, McHenry County, IL

I appreciate the ease and peace of mind, knowing that the information we’re pulling is correct. We’re not manipulating any data and we’re not trying to make it look presentable. DebtBook makes all that very easy.

Emily Desiderio

Treasury Manager, City of Durham, NC

DebtBook has saved a lot of time, especially during the budget process. We’ve been able to use that time to focus on grant funding instead of just maintaining spreadsheets. Their support is top notch—they are immediate—and they listen to the feedback you provide.

Jessica Jones

Director of Finance, City of Concord, NC
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