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Tyler Traudt, CEO, Featured on Charlotte Angel Connection Podcast

DebtBook's CEO and Co-Founder, Tyler Traudt, recently joined the Charlotte Angel Connection Podcast to talk about founding DebtBook, growing the business, the importance of vision, and more. 

Listen to the episode here 


About The Charlotte Angel Connection

The Charlotte Angel Connection was born out of a frustrating lack of early-stage capital and investors in Charlotte. Over the years, this podcast became a voice for the entire startup ecosystem in Charlotte. Our goal is to educate investors about local startups and help them see how and why to invest in them. Ultimately, we want Charlotte’s fast-growing startup community to have access to capital when entrepreneurs present a promising company with a team capable of leading the charge.

We do this through our series of bi-weekly podcasts interviewing investors, founders, and those active in the startup community.  We also host quarterly events, bringing everyone together in a room to learn about the issues facing current and future investors as they explore and invest in startup companies – in Charlotte and beyond.