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Feature Flash Video

Watch: Simplified Change Management

Explore DebtBook's change management feature in our 2-minute Feature Flash!

Ensuring compliance with GASB 87 and 96 standards, DebtBook simplifies the process of tracking amendments and maintaining accurate records.

In this short video, discover how you can use DebtBook to:

  • Effortlessly make changes within existing leases or schedules by simply editing the details and specifying the corrections

  • Easily update leases or subscriptions by adding a modification, noting the applicable date for updates, incorporating modification details, and saving changes

  • View all edits instantly in the schedule and history views, ensuring you have up-to-date records at all times

  • Enjoy the flexibility to revert changes if needed, providing peace of mind during the editing process

Watch below to see how DebtBook's Lease and Subscription management solutions can streamline your compliance and reporting needs.