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SBITA Accounting: 8-Step Implementation Guide

We understand that implementing a new accounting standard can be intimidating. GASB No. 96 is the first standard of its kind, which requires government accounting teams to report their organization's subscription-based IT arrangements (SBITAs) on the face of the financial statements.

That’s why Kasey Harris, CPA, CFE, DebtBook’s Vice President of Accounting Product & Enablement, put together the SBITA Accounting: 8-Step Implementation Guide.

This helpful guide walks you through 8 implementation steps to consider as you seek to comply with GASB 96. It also includes useful resources such as a list of common SBITA types and a free implementation roadmap.

Disclaimer: DebtBook does not provide professional services or advice. DebtBook has prepared these materials for general informational and educational purposes, which means we have not tailored the information to your specific circumstances. Please consult your professional advisors before taking action based on any information in these materials. Any use of this information is solely at your own risk.