Release Notes

Release Notes

July 20, 2022

Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes

  • Enhanced the Audit Log with new fields and filters which make it easier for Admins to filter and understand user and system events
  • Fixed text alignment issues in Bucket view pages

  • Added back missing totals for Principal, Interest, Total and Annual Total on the Debt Service tab in Issue Details
  • Fixed text alignment in the Profiles list. Text values should be left-aligned and numbers and dates should be left right-aligned throughout the application.

  • Added Related Items tab and Disclosures tab to Individual Lease Details export 
  • Added the ability for Admins and Members to override the General Ledger number with a blank value and to revert back to the system-generated GL number via the "Edit GL Numbers" view
  • Added the ability for Admins and Members to edit and delete assets directly through the Assets tab within the individual lease detail view
  • Fixed grammatical errors in the field names within the Variable Payment section of Edit Lease Information page
  • Fixed issue where leading or trailing spaces in the Dimension name caused an error when attempting to download the Bulk Import template. Extra leading or trailing spaces will be automatically removed when saving changes to Dimension names.
  • Fixed issue on Profile Summary where the bottom-most item in View All Leases was hidden by the Compare Schedule and Bulk Edit Selected Leases action bar when selecting any item