Release Notes

Release Notes

March 10, 2022

Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes


We have updated the Create/Edit lease form and made other miscellaneous improvements:

  • Removed the ability to add dollar values as an allocation type on the Create/Edit lease form
  • Added the ability to Allocate the % to four decimal places on the Credit/Edit lease form
  • Second payment field in the Create/Edit lease form no longer automatically populates based on the frequency and can now be left blank
  • Fixed a bug preventing source documents from opening from the Lease Input Details export
  • Fixed a bug causing the values within the Split dropdown on lease Schedule pages to show 'Split 1 of null' instead of 'Split 1 of 1'
  • Updated the technical implementation process to store most ACFRs in the DebtBook cloud which ensures users can access it from Profile Summary