Release Notes

Release Notes

February 16, 2022

Lease App Enhancements


    We have enhanced the Lease app with many features from journal entry booking and bulk GL code management to improvements in usability.

    • Added a journal entry booking to recognize incentive and prepayment activity for Non-GASB 87 Lessor and Lessee leases
    • Added a journal entry booking for Lessor deposit amounts, and updated the journal entry for Lessor non-refundable deposits
    • Added the ability to view incentives and payments at commencement separately from those that occurred before commencement for Lessee and Lessor leases. Also added new accounts for Lease Incentive Expense and Lease Incentive Income to GL Settings.
    • Column headers for lessor lease schedules and exports now say ‘Receipts’ instead of ‘Payments’
    • Unallocated leases now show in bucket view and reflect the correct asset and liability schedule values
    • Removed column headers on the individual lease schedule tab when no data is available within the selected filters
    • Updated the row height on the Profiles tab to be consistent across org-owned and not owned profiles
    • Added lessee/lessor column to the export file on the Leases tab
    • Users can now bulk import and add duplicate GL Codes in GL Settings
    • Updated lease default restatement and implementation dates