Release Notes

Release Notes

August 5, 2021

Enhanced payment reporting with audit ready notes based upon actuals


Updated User Interface

Our user interface for reporting payments has been enhanced to allow us to add in new features and enhancements that are easy to use. You still access payment details through the payment listing as you did before this modification. The payment details will load in a full-screen menu with all of the same controls and elements that appeared in the pop-up window. The orientation is now left-to-right versus top-to-bottom. The image below is a preview of what you'll see as you work through your reporting.

Payment Reporting Details

Reporting Notes Generation Using Actuals
For clients who verify and record payments through the reporting function in DebtBook. The application now automatically produces adjusted Reporting Notes that reflect actual payments compared to the scheduled payments in the debt profile. This is especially valuable for organizations that make additional principal payments or make payments in advance. The updated notes format will now also show additional detail like Interest Paid and Accrued Interest for your reporting period.