Due to COVID-19, DebtBook is offering zero cost onboarding and payment deferral options. 

Upgrade to more time, productivity, collaboration and confidence.

Let us do the onboarding work for you, then add your team and share with your professionals. Benefits start immediately: audit, budget, board presentations, new issuance, financial planning, rating meetings and more.

Your single source of truth

Great debt management involves numerous contributors: managers, staff, advisors, lawyers, bankers, accountants and consultants are all involved. Every one of them requires accurate and up-to-date debt information to do their job well. Have confidence in the data being used by your team with DebtBook.

Perfect projections

You forecast future payments for various reasons: budget, financial planning, disclosure, audit, rating meetings and more. It’s made more complicated when individual issues are paid from multiple funds or were issued for various purposes. DebtBook enables you to pull together accurate, customized schedules quickly with no opportunity for human error.

Collaborate with your team

Unlimited sharing with your team and professionals means everyone has access to accurate up-to-date information. Department heads understand their share of debt service payable and how that changes over time. Your professional associates pull schedules they need and use your organized document library to confirm their assumptions. Better and more efficient work gets done while you email fewer spreadsheets and documents.

Integrate with existing models

You’ve spent years developing financial models to perform the analysis you need. Power these models with formatted excel exports and know they’re incorporating current debt information.

Additional Features

Designed to move you forward

We actively listen to our users, and continuously iterate on DebtBook to make it easier to efficiently manage debt. Make debt management simple for everyone.


Provide free and controlled access to your team and the various professionals you work with.

Audit Ready Notes

Accurate, updated and designed to meet GFOA Excellence in Financial Reporting standards.

Succession Planning

Ensure continuity within your organization and improve succession planning.

Document Organization

All your documents in one place, not all over the place.

Payment Reminders

Optional and customizable email payment reminders for your team.

White Glove Onboarding

Our team organizes your documents, extracts your data and trains your team to get you working quickly.


Cybercriminals attack governments with ransomware, our cloud-based platform ensures your staff has 24/7 access to critical debt information.

Anytime Access

Access debt information and documentation in meetings, at home or during board meetings from anywhere at anytime.

User-Friendly Experience

Designed to be easy-to-use and accessible to end users of all skill levels.

Let us show you how DebtBook works

Schedule a demo to get a customized tour of the product that matches the needs of your organization. We’re offering free onboarding and payment deferral options due to COVID-19. 
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